Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 12 – Return of the (Demon) King (Final Episode)

Let’s see what I thought about this one…


Mage falls asleep on Winter King’s throne.

She tells them one final thing and that’s the cure for smallpox.

The one-eyed guy confronts Big Sis looking to kill her.

Hero is still fighting Maou.

Hero goes for his super secret finishing move: a hug.

Uhh…”That guy” arrives to save Big Sis.

Maou regains consciousness and gets Hero to reattach Head Maid’s arm.

Meanwhile, the opposing army is suffering from some internal conflict. Some soldiers have deserted the main camp to attack by themselves.

Knight dispatches an elite unit to take care of the enemy.

Eyepatch Guy has That Guy beat until That Guy manages to parry.

He takes Eye-patch Guy and throws him off a balcony.

Knight lure’s the enemy soldiers and then divides her unit to isolate and confuse them.

That Guy manages to survive by using Eye-patch Guy’s sword to hang on.

It starts snowing which would cause the enemy army to fall back, ending the war.

The league of evil argue amongst themselves after the loss.

Some guy enters and shows off a rifle which they will use to kill Maou.

I just noticed how pretty one of the Mages is.

Maou gives a rallying speech with Hero.

Hero blows up a mountain to get the crowd cheering. The crowd may have misinterpreted Maou’s words, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Business as usual back in Winter’s Pass Village.

Merchant has suggested opening up trade routes with the Demons.

Female Knight tells Maou about her oath of servitude with Hero and how she’s leaving.

Maou and Head Maid talk about having a sequel.


To be honest, this episode didn’t really meet up to my expectations. It felt like everything was just instantly resolved after the start of the episode, especially the part with Hero fighting Maou. That hug was the most cliched thing ever. The war didn’t really have a clear victor, just as Hero would have wanted, but it felt like it never happened in this episode. As opposed to the previous episode which actually saw a good bit of action involving it. All the atmosphere of urgency and tension just disappeared as all we got was a small skirmish. Also, I found Eyepatch Guy’s reasons to kill Big Sis unexplained. Sure, I would get why he would mistake Big Sis for Moau since she’s hanging around the only printing press in the country but what’s his motivation? I remember he got kicked out of the Demon Realm by Hero. Maou had nothing to do with that as far as he knew. The Light Spirit? Since when was this guy in cahoots with the big bad church. As far as I knew, he was only working with that exiled king. What happened to him anyway. he wasn’t in the army and he wasn’t with the league of evil either. Speaking of the league of evil, am I supposed to know who most of them are? The Azure Demon makes sense since Maou is a threat to his prince’  conquest. But these other guys are supposed to be nobles of the Central Nations? Where were they in the previous episodes? In the end, I found this ending to be rushed. Concluding a lot of things abruptly while leaving a lot of questions to be answered, albeit intentionally as this show is probably going to get a sequel.

I’d hate to say it, but Maou Yuusha has been a let down for me. It could have been something with how it took this overly cliched plot and turned it around to something that hasn’t been done before. I enjoyed all the economic/political infodumping and this show probably had one of the most inspiring anime scenes in a few years with Big Sis’ epic speech. I can forgive the animation. I knew this wouldn’t have high quality visuals since the studio behind this isn’t really a good one. The main problem with this show is its storytelling. I found it hard to follow and get into when half the time, Maou and Hero were separated. That really killed what could have been a decent showing of a growing relationship. It started out great with Hero actually reciprocating to Maou’s advances, but it all went downhill when Hero went to the Demon Realm. The romance aspect never really got anywhere to me. The characters that really stood out to me were Big Sis, Winter King, and Merchant. These were the guys that I wanted to follow but the thing is, this wasn’t their show. This show couldn’t be completely about them so what happened was that each episode was divided into focusing on those three as well as Maou and Hero. Especially toward the latter parts of the show when Merchant was becoming more of a prominent character. It came to a point where there wasn’t enough time to build all of the characters completely. Also, a lot of the characters weren’t really fleshed out as much as I hoped they would be. I felt like Head Maid and Dragon Princess should have been given more time to develop but again, the focus is already pretty divided as it is. In the end, Head Maid gets a crappy flashback and her arm torn off and Dragon Princess gets shipped with Merchant with not much explanation behind it. And for the life of me, I couldn’t remember who Maou’s students were. I think the problem here is the lack of actual names. It may be the anime’s gimmick but I think that backfired. Seriously, what am supposed to call Eyepatch Guy? Eyepatch Guy is just a terrible name I came up with. The antagonists weren’t even that memorable. Dammit. I feel so shortchanged by this anime. I think it would have worked better as a 22-24 episode anime so that is could really get into character development and talk about economics all they want. In the end, Maou Yuusha was a promising show that was crippled by its pacing problems and imbalanced character focus. It’s a damn shame. I really wouldn’t recommend this as a good watch. Maybe as an anime with an interesting gimmick but not really one that will deliver a moving story. *Sigh*

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One thought on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 12 – Return of the (Demon) King (Final Episode)

  1. agr0n

    Yep I agree with you 100% except for the “I wouldn’t recommend it part”. I didn’t feel like I wasted my time watching it the worst episodes of the series was the last 2 because they were so rushed. I would recommend this to people who enjoy the economical stuff or enjoyed Spice and Wolf, which I heard is alot like this. I would give it a 7/10 overall.


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