Senran Kagura 12 – The Biggest Plot Twist in the History of Anime Ever (Final Episode)

Daidouji being a (hot) blonde.


The bad guy has the Yin Yang scrolls and they’re beginning to activate as the “chosen ones” are getting closer.

Ikaruga stumbles on an arrow with a paper note on it.

Flashback on Homura’s past where she was betrayed by a teacher.

Asuka bursts with energy and escapes to find the final boss.

Ikaruga runs into Katsuragi. THE PAPER NOTE IS NOW A SCROLL.

Suzune confronts Kiriya and explains her motives.

Yomi and Hikage appear to stop Ika and Katsu but get quickly dispatched.

Yagyuu saves Hibari from Haruka but gets double teamed by Mirai.

Yagyuu and Hibari combine their powers to summon a giant rabbit on a squid as their getaway ride. What.

Homura catches up to Asuka and stops her from seeing the final boss.

Suddenly, Final Boss appears as a Jedi hologram to tell Homura that she tricked him into obtaining the Yin Yang scrolls.

He traps them in a Shinobi barrier with an Orochi with only five heads because they couldn’t afford the eight headed one.

Homura enters badass rage mode and actually makes the Final Boss wet himself but Asuka stops her and tells her to wait for their friends.

The other girls arrive but get cought up fighting ninja robots before they could save Homu and Asuka.

Haruka tells everyone to pool their energy together to break though the Shinobi barrier.

So the good, the bad (but not the ugly) girls channel their energy to break through the barrier and empower Asuka and Homura in a non-feminism sort of way.

Asuka enters rage mode. Homura enters badass rage mode with flaming hair and they combine their attacks to defeat the final boss.

Final Boss gets surrounded by the girls and their mentors.

He activates a bomb from a detonator on his teeth. Lemme just say that that is a stupid place to put a trigger. What if you bite into some really hard candy and the bomb accidentally goes off?

The Hebi girls return to the castle to save the others.

Suzune sacrifices herself to kill both the final boss and herself.

Epilogue: The girls end the year and split ways for summer break. No news yet about the Hebi girls. It’s not confirmed that they survive, but nothing proves that they died either.


Whoo. That was one hell of a last episode. Way more than what I expected. I said that this would have a five-minute boss battle and a fifteen minute epilogue. Boy, was I wrong. It was actually quite the opposite. For fifteen straight minutes, there wasn’t even an opening theme this time, the girls were running, around fighting each other, fighting side by side. Just an action packed episode to cap off this season. That’s right: season. The ending really makes a sequel an option but at the same time, this show might as well end right here with how the last moments went. I don’t believe the whole thing will end yet though. Senran Kagura, based off the game, has a pretty big world to it with many spinoffs including one where the Hebi girls are the main characters. Speaking of those girls, lemme just say that Homura was a total rampaging badass in this episode. I really wanted her to just go all out and just tear the sh** out of the final boss. She was bordering on Dragonball level of rage aura. Hell, her hair even changed color because of how badass she was becoming. That is what I wanted to see in this show but unfortunately I only really got that in this episode. If they ever make a spinoff with the Hebi girls, I wanna see Homura do more of this awesome stuff. Also, the final boss was a total sissy. He really had no impact no matter how many evil laughs he did. The fact is, he was a weak fighter and an unimpressive manipulator. I think the problem here is that the show never really put any focus on him. Hell, I didn’t even know his name until Homura mentioned it. So in conclusion: Solid ending, though as usual, the writing made little sense (paper notes turning into scrolls, five-headed Orochi and all that).

As for the show itself. In general, it was a let down. Sure, it was fun at times and there was gratuitous nudity with Katsuragi and her open shirt and Haruka and her thong, but that was as far as the fanservice went. And the fanservice is supposed to be this show’s selling point. Nobody came (Hehehehehehe…) to experience an exciting and engaging plot, some may have also come for the action but there was honestly a lot of better choices this season in that aspect. The comedy might have been another selling point but I feel that it was hit-or-miss with me (Katsuragi is such a forced comedian). So that leaves us with the fanservice, but we don’t get anything like wildly bouncing boobies or really dirty innuendos like playful rape (You know? Like tickling a friend and somehow getting her clothes off and making her wet in the process? No? Read more Hentai.) or mysterious white fluid which the likes of Queen’s Blade and Seiken no Qwaser, other fanservice shows, the latter actually having an interesting plot, had in generous amounts. All we got was Katsuragi fondling people and grandpa’s fat sushi. Not really enough to…err…”stimulate” guys. Maybe the writers are hoping that the show would inspire some more Hentai doujinshi or something. Hopefully. In the end Senran Kagura didn’t really live up to my expectations as an Ecchi show. It was funny sometimes. It sold me on some characters that I never really paid attention to in the manga (Especially the Hebi girls. Homerun’s a badass and Mirai is hilariously adorable). I laughed at most comedic segments. The one’s I didn’t laugh at usually involved Katsuragi (SUMO COSTUME?! REALLY? SUMO COSTUME?!). Final verdict: Meh. Not gonna sell you on its plot. The action and the comedy isn’t really great. It might make you laugh once or twice if you take the show light-heartedly. The fanservice, perhaps the main reason you’d want to get into this show, ain’t as good as the top-tier shows like Queen’s Blade, Seikon no Qwaser (which is a must watch for those really looking for high quality fap material), To Love Ru and Ikki Tousen. In fact, this show would be a very mediocre substitute for Ikki Tousen. That one I really enjoyed for the fanservice and action, though it’s plot makes as much sense as a rabbit riding a squid. THE END.

If you want a decent Ecchi anime, I suggest you go check out Hyakka Ryouran, which is starting its second season this spring (April). Go check out the trailer for it here. And go like the Sunny Side Anime Blog Facebook page here!

One thought on “Senran Kagura 12 – The Biggest Plot Twist in the History of Anime Ever (Final Episode)

  1. agr0n

    “Homerun’s a badass” I don’t know if that was a typo or on purpose, but either way that was funny.

    Yeah all together it wasn’t the best show ever, but I don’t feel like I wasted my time watching it. They at least gave enough character development to be able to connect with a few of the girls. It was also kind of lame how even though its an ecchi anime you don’t even see anything. If they did another season especially a spin-off from the serpent academy girls point of view I wouldn’t hesitate to watch them. The 2 best things from this anime in my opinion were Hibari’s bunny and Hikage, that girl has a high spot on my top anime babes list :p


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