Maou Yuusha 11 – Flying around in a Miniskirt

Also, must be hard riding on a staff like squatting like that.


The Alliance managed to push the Central Nations far enough that they decide to enforce a new currency.

Meanwhile, the Southern Nations are paying tribute to the commander of the Central Nations army to keep him at bay.

Meanwhile, the evil guys are discussing evil things like ambushing the Iron City where all the serfs are migrating to.

Hero begs both the King and Knight to minimize casualties as much as possible. They receive new that the Azure Demons are marching towards Bright Light Island.

Meanwhile, Merch pays a visit to the FInancial Minister, also one of Maou’s former students.

Mech negotiates for four things from the guy. Two of those is a lease on Bright Light Island and another is an Alliance bank on the capitals of the Southern Nations.

Hero makes it to the Azure Demons’ march.

Mage appears behind him.

Maou ended up possessed by the former Demon Kings.

Head Maid is forced to fight her and loses her arm.

Hero and Mage link up telepathically (no chatrooms unfortunately).

Finance Minister guy realizes that Merchant plans to make wheat a new currency. He remembers how Maou taught him about dual currencies.

Dragon Queen also reveals her true identity and hr part in the Merchant’s plans.

Mage teleports the entire Azure Demon army out-of-the-way.

Hero destroys the portal between the Human and Demon realm and heads toward the crater he created.

The Iron City army holds off the eyepatch guy’s attack.

Hero discovers that the Demon Realm is actually the underground of the Human Realm.

Head Maid manages to trap Maou in a chamber.

Female Knight reveals that the horse fodder that they’ve been giving along with he tribute would cause the opposing forces’ horses to go sick.

Reports reach the generals that the eyepatch guy has managed to sneak in the city.

Hero arrives and fights Maou.


Well, this episode was clearly a build up episode for the finale. I think it did a good job at that. Though the several segments were still quite detached from each other, each segment really built up their own situations. The war actually felt important. Merchant kept his momentum going despite some hurdles in his way. AND FINALLY! FINALLY! Maou has left that chamber she’s been stuck in for three or four episodes! Again, though, that didn’t seem to go in the same pace as all the other events in the episode, especially after Head Maid got her arm cut off. That happened, hours of warfare go by, then we get back to Maou and Head Maid and they’re still fighting. Huh. Also, this whole, “Maou becomes possessed by the evil Demon Kings” thing sounds like a forced excuse to get a boss fight out there. It would have been cool if Maou had been constantly fighting this inner evil in her while trying to do her saintly acts, but no. She goes to renew her Demon King license and just so happened to get possessed along the way. The build up to this was terrible. We did get that one scene where Maou was covered in fire looking back at all the past Heroes but that didn’t feel like any indication that things would turn out this way. Another thing, Mage, where have you been? She seems to be such an elusive character. I know that it was probably Maou who told her to help Hero, but why did it take this long for them to meet? So by the end of the episode, we have an evil Maou, a war, wheat money, and eyepatch guy sneaking around Iron City. This, at least, guarantees an eventful finale.

One thought on “Maou Yuusha 11 – Flying around in a Miniskirt

  1. agr0n

    I can’t wait for the finale. Yeah I’ve got to agree this is like the first episode the mage has actually appeared and done something. The possession thing did have a pretty bad build and was predictable, but other than that everything went smoothly.


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