Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 11 – Penis

Where is it?


Jujubeans and Micchan-chan receive post cards from Sasami.

Kamiomi managed to follow Sasami(Tama) all the way to the resort she’s staying in.

Meanwhile the real Sasami is back at home forced to feed and bathe herself.

Tama sneaks out during the early morning to take a bath but finds that Jou beat her to it.

Sasami takes over the body and asks Jou if she’d like to scrub each other’s backs.

Jou panics and starts her own online chat with her subordinates. Unfortunately she joins the wrong chatroom.

Jou sees Sasami’s offer as a challenge from her rival.

Kagami wakes up and witnesses the girls sensually washing each others backs.

Kagami gets jealous and sends Sasami sarcastic compliments about making a new friend.

Jou sees the confusion in Sasami’s face and tells her that she will not allow her rival to wear such an expression.

They go to the beach. Tama asks Jou to play with her. Jou thinks Sasami is challenging her again.

Tama asks Kagami if she wants to join but out of spite, Kagami rejects her offer.

Out of frustration, Kagami blows up her sandcastle.

Tsurugi and Kagami invite Sasami(Tama to the local festival).

Sasami invites Jou. Jou gets paranoid. Sasami wonders if Jou is the Chuunibyou type. You know, those weirdo’s who believe in having an arch nemesis and think they work for secret organizations and stuff (which Jou actually does).

Kagami finally has enough and walks out on Sasami.

Sasami looks for Kagami while some poor guy is losing at that fishing game.

Sasami catches up to Kagami. Kagami shamefully admits that she’s been acting irregular, getting jealous and all, so she had to isolate herself.

Sasami hugs Kagami and tells her everything is all right. Then she kisses her.

Meanwhile, Juju discovers all the perverted things her husband did to Micchan.

Jou, who was ditched by Sasami(Tama), finds company from her fox servant.

Tama transforms back to normal just as Kagami bought all that food for Sasami to taste.



Seriously, what is going on with this shoew? Only one thing actually mattered this episode, that’s last scene with Tsurugi and Kamiomi. Everything else was a distraction. What? WWHHHAAAAATTT?!?!? Seriously. Everything in this episode was so random. Sometimes it was funny-random. Most of the time it was just confusing. Sometimes I forgot if it was Tama or Sasami who was controlling the Sasami everyone was talking to. Jou was just so weird in this episode. She had none of that cocky (no pun intended) charm from last episode. Here, she was jus an overly paranoid tsundere doing weird poses. What happened to her penis? It just stopped randomly appearing in this episode. Hell, what happened to the rest of the class? It was jsut that little group in the beach. Did Jou just send them all home or something? This time around, Kagami’s reasons for her actions didn’t seem so sound. “I’m avoiding you because I’m jealous of your new friend.” seems like the kind of drama you’d find on children’s cartoons. The same kind of shows that teach you to stand up to bullies and be frugal with your allowance. This so simple for the same show creating a whole new kind of mythos based on Japanese mythology. It’s good to see that Juju and Micchan-chan are still alive but their segments, while funny, just got in the way of things. Okay, the first and the last segments were fine. Those didn’t interrupt anything but the ones at the middle seemed out of place. Also, what ahpened with Jou telling Sasami(Tama) that she would kill her? Was Tama too stupid to interpret that? Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. No offense to Tama but I could totally see her character being the type to use that excuse. Last words. This episode was random, for better or for worse. Facebook page.

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