Senran Kagura 11 – Mirai Callin’ You Out on Yo’ BS

You could smell the BS from a mile away.


Haruka tells Hibari that her teammates have begun fighting the other Hebi ninjas.

She asks Suzune if this was all part of her plan. Suzune tells her that light ninjas never fail to rise from defeat.

Ikaruga gets tangled with Yomi and orders the others to go on ahead.

Suzune breaks out of her cell and tells Hibari that she has strong telepathic powers or something.

Yomi explains why she hates Ikaruga. She was raised in a poor community. One time she saw Ikaruga in a TV show where her father promised to aid the less fortunate. Despite all the love and hard work Yomi’s family put into raising her, they never received any help and continued to suffer.

Ikaruga tells her that in her case, she never experienced that kind of family relationship. Doesn’t matter. She’s rich.

Katsuragi and Yagyuu fall into a trap while Asuka is told to keep going. Hikage and Mirai appear.

Yagyuu and Katsuragi cast their Shinobi Barriers to fight their rivals.

Hikagi remembers her past as a child mercenary.

Her reminiscing distracts her and Katsuragi lands a big hit on her.

Meanwhile, Kiriya and Daidouji are observing from a distance.

Mirai tells Yagyuu about her past where she was bullied.

Her life changed when she moved to Hebi Academy and made friends.

Asuka runs into Homura.

Haruka tells Hibari that her friends are currently fighting. Hibari tells Haruka to make her allies stop else they would be killed off by the big boss.

Haruka tells Hibari that that won’t happen. They too have something to fight for. Haruka recalls her past where her dad was a corrupt doctor who ignored her and her mom treated her like a doll.

At some point, Haruka broke down and almost burned her house if it were not for Suzune who stopped her and took her in.

Hibari casts her Shinobi barrier to fight Haruka. Haruka explains that they’ll only die when their defeat is sensed. Haruka proceeds to pummel Hibari.

Hibari managed to turn things around by summoning her bunny and making it fight Haruka.

Hibari shouts out to the other girls to stop fighting else the Hebi girls would be killed off.

Haruka recovers and throws a bomb at Hibari to stop her.

The girls enter rage mode and use their finishing moves on their opponents.

Katsuragi tries to get some answers about where the final boss is located. Suddenly a staircase opens up for them.


This episode left a pretty mixed impression on me. To its credit, it had more consistent and slightly higher quality animation than the previous episodes. This episode was no-nonsense except for the usual blatant panty shots and Mirai being Mirai. The action was a little more acceptable this time. This time around, the Hebi girls got the kind of character exploration which the previous episodes should have taken care of. Unfortunately, I didn’t like how this episode was put together. After the first few minutes, the entire episode became easily predictable. The protagonists run into their rivals. The rivals share their back story. They fight. The protagonists use their finishing moves. They win. It happened with each pair of girls except Homura, and she barely got any screen time at all. Also, I find the flashbacks to be very obtrusive to the flow. These flashbacks should have happened last episode but instead was put here so that the girls and their rivals could humanize each other. Well that didn’t work since the Hanzo girls proceeded to kick their asses anyway. Another thing, Suzune outright disappeared after the first few minutes. You’d think that with the focus put on her recently, that the story would follow her around some more but NO! She breaks out of her cell and disappears without the slightest hint of what she’d be doing. Is she fighting the final boss? Was she the one who pulled down those stairs? Did she confront Kiriya and Daidouji? What? I was really hoping that with these last episodes, we’d be getting seamless, uninterrupted action but it seems that the writers can’t seem to get that done with how they put in the back stories and Kiriya and Daidouji pointlessly staring at the school building. The next episode should be the last and seeing how the girls haven’t even confronted the final boss yet, I predict that the boss fight is going to last five minutes and then the rest would be epilogue. I already doubt I’m going to enjoy how this is going to end. Overall, this episode was…meh. It wasn’t boring but how it went out left a lot to be desired.

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3 thoughts on “Senran Kagura 11 – Mirai Callin’ You Out on Yo’ BS

    1. Excelion

      Most likely Hibari will be saved by her friend or she will pull off something to stop Haruka or Haruka dies from her curse.Nonetheless, this will be Senran Kagura Burst’s game ending if anyone played the games.


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