Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 10 – Pie

I wonder what Hero saw in the pie…


The King and his subordinates discuss the aftermath of Big Sis’ speech. Now the serfs are clamoring for freedom even more.

With their defiance of the church, the Southern Nations have become an enemy of the Central Nations. One of the King’s men points out, though, that they wouldn’t dare wage a civil war with the war against the demons going on.

Hero asks why the church is doing what it’s doing. Female Knight answers that the church is using their teachings to spread their influence and get rich off of the people. Hey,  sounds a lot like Spain back in the 15th(?) century.

Big Sis remembers what Maou taught her about the difference of being rich and being prosperous.

Lil’ Sis and the Old Man interrupt the conversation with some pie.

Back in the Alliance, Merchant receives a report that the Lakeside Convent has disassociated themselves from the main church.

Merch is pleasantly surprised with the turn of events until he realizes…HE’S READING PAPER!

Merch brings the other guy to their stock room and orders him to start buying all the goods he can get his hands on in preparation for his next move.

Back in King’s place. A woman from the bard country suggests using song to bring in more people. Big Sis also suggests that they sing about the kingdom’s purpose and ideology of letting everyone be free men.

Merch creates the concept of a “purchasing agreement”. He basically buys wheat as they grow so they would be cheap. He collects them when they’re harvested meaning he doesn’t have to deal with inflation. This allows him to buy as much wheat as he wants and cause the Central Nations to be careful with their resources.

Back in Gate City, the demons are suffering from a shortage of salt.

Dragon Princess appears to talk to the General about the blue demons who have been suspicious as of late.

That effects of Merch’s schemes start to take effect and the people in the market are in a panic.

An affiliate of Maou receives a letter regarding the market in the Central Nations.

He brings it to the King who fears that the Central Nations will come after their resources.

He suggests to levy the tax to those exporting wheat and other grains.

Meanwhile, some fat dude orders his army to prepare to move out.

Merchant receives a visit from the Dragon Princess who wishes to negotiate with him about the salt shortage.

Merch remembers what Hero said about things which cannot be measured in terms of gains and losses.

Flashback to a young Head Maid trying to dissuade a young Maou from becoming Demon King since she would lose her consciousness to the spirits of the past Demon Kings. Maou reassures that she will retain her consciousness as she won’t undergo the Demon King ritual completely. Moau, put on some pants.

She shows Head Maid a vision of a baby Hero. She says she’s excited to meet him one day and they can create a legend that would not be found in her great library.

Hero learns  that the Central Nations will wage war against the Winter King.

Hero asks if the King can delay the impending war. King smiles and says he will make it snow!


I fucking hate WordPress sometimes. Forced me to have to redo my post FROM SCRATCH. Well shit. I’m not doing that. Bottom line: Good episode. Really heated up the plot and brought a lot of economic concepts to the table. Merchant really left an impression on me. I don’t know whose side he’s on. On one hand, he crippled the Central Nations. On the other hand, he forced a war with Winter King. He just came off as this business badass who had the entire world in puppet strings. In contrast to how well done Merch’s segments  were, everything else seemed a little off. Dragon Princess talks about the blue demons and the salt shortage than leaves to see Merch and that’s it for her. While Merch was carrying out his strategy, which should have went on for months, Winter King and friends seemed to be dawdling and in comparison, they were really slow in dealing with their serfdom problems. Gotta comment on how there was no indication of time passing. It seemed like Merch just bought all the wheat and his plan instantly took effect. It must have been months and yet nothing showed that. Meanwhile, Maou’s still in that chamber for some reason. *sigh* Fuck you, WordPress. Facebook page.

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