Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 10 – Penis




Sasami tries to forget about Jou’s penis by being cuddly with Kagami during lunch.

Jou comes in and invites the whole class to go on a holiday trip with her penis.

She walks up to Sasami and whispers that she’ll kill her if her secret penis gets out. To make sure that doesn’t happen, she forces Sasami to go.

Unfortunately, Sasami catches a flu so Kamiomi won’t let her go.

Tama appears since both Tsurugi and Kagami are going on the trip and someone needs to watch over her.

Sasami comes up with an idea and transforms Tama into her.

Using a chatroom, Sasami controls Tama’s actions while interacting with Kamiomi.

unfortunately, Tama is a little too affectionate in pleading for Kamiomi to let her go on the trip but at least Kamiomi concedes.

Tama (as Sasami) meets Tsurugi on the bus and lets her on their little plan.

Sasami takes a nap and Tsurugi takes advantage of the situation by manipulating Tama to act all lovey-dovey with Kagami so everyone thinks they’re gay.

A teacher named Youko tells them to keep it down.

The first order of business as they reach the resort is a big dinner courtesy of Jou.

Tsurugi gets drunk and attempts rape on Youko.

Jou tells everyone to hit the hot springs. Some girls invite her to join them but she has to decline because of her penis.

Tama steps in and makes an excuse for Jou not to join the others.

She brings Jou to an isolated spring where the steam is thick enough to hide Jou’s penis.

Tsurugi and Kagami join unexpectedly. I swear this image stitched itself.

Tsurugi sees Jou’s voluptuous body and attempts rape.

Tama gets in the way but accidentally feels Jou’s penis on her butt.

Tama fakes seeing Youko to distract Tsurugi.

Jou asks why Sasami keeps saving her. Sasami, through Tama, tells her that Jou is one of the few people who wanted to be Sasami’s friend. This was enough for her to want to protect her.

Jou reveals that, ultimately, they cannot be friends since Jou will have to kill Sasami.


Another entertaining episode. Not much on the plot though. Really, how does Jou’s penis and Youko fit in the story? And what happened to Jujubeans? Sasami’s mom was nowhere to be found this episode. The only thing that seems to really matter out of this episode is that now Sasami knows that Jou is out to get her. Other than that, penis. One of the good points in this episode is that it heavily featured Tama while not really featuring her at all. Tama seems to be the unpopular one among the girls. Despite having the brain of a 5-year-old (like Yui from K-On), nobody seems to be really drawn to her kind of moe. Is it her voice? I mean, Sasami is popular by default because this is her show, Tsurugi is a pervert loli and Kagami is Kana Hanazawa (instant moe!). Tama doesn’t really have much of a fighting chance but this episode should bag her a few points with the fans. She was more funny and cute than annoying and it helps that she made us see a different kind of Sasami in this episode. Jou also really shined in this episode. After a brief appearance in the previous one, I didn’t really see much in her. She just seemed like the typical antagonist girl who is sorta kind of a bitch but I like how she takes a twist has a bipolar elitist complex. Man, this episode was just random. It was pretty unique too since you don’t see many anime that make a fanservice hot spring episode with a Penis girl and a little girl in an older girl’s body in a NEET girl’s body. Pat on the back, SHAFT, but get back to the plot of this thing is going to end in a couple episodes. What is the plot anyway?! I swear this isn’t a Rick Astley video.

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