Senran Kagura 10 – Do You Even Lift, Senpai?

I’d like to think carrying those milk duds around would provide some good upper body workout.


Kiriya catches the girls eavesdropping on his conversation with Rin.

Kiriya shows the map that Rin gave him but prohibits them from going to Hebi Academy. Suddenly Hanzo shows up.

Hanzo, on the other hand, believes that the girls have all the right and reason to go, Hibari being there and all.

But first, obligatory futomaki.

Kiriya doesn’t forget that the girls disobeyed his orders for them to stay within the building so he punishes them by hanging them upside down.

Meanwhile, Hibari eavesdrops on Rin arguing with her boss when she was found handing over information to Kiriya.

Rin gets captured and put in a cell.

The girls take off on a funking jet hangar.

Daidouji appears and Hanzo reads through Kiriya’s secret intent to follow the girls to Hebi Academy and see Rin.

Haruka takes Hibari to the training ground. Hibari notices that the regiment is much harder than Hanzo Academy’s.

She’s brought to the water camouflage training area and remembers Yagyuu encouraging her to train hard.

Hibari criticizes how the students are forced to go alone, Homura answers that is trains them to be self-reliant.

The girls then share a bath together.

Hibari asks what the girls think about Suzune/Rin. The girls’ answers generally say that Suzune is a strict but supporting teacher. Except for Haruka who answers Hibari with rape.

Hibari watches the girls get along and she starts seeing them in a different light.

The girls are called by the big boss and learn that Suzune has betrayed them and that the Hanzo girls are coming their way.

Hibari gets caught eavesdropping and is thrown in a cell along with Rin.

The girls make it to Hebi Academy and fight their way through grunts.

They run into their first obstacle, Yomi.


Well, this episode just flew past my head. Not a lot really happened which would have kept my interest in the show. Probably the only thing that matters is that Asuka and the others have infiltrated Hebi Academy now. Other than that, pretty much nothing. Sure, this episode did its share to highlight the Hebi girls and put more depth into them but it wasn’t as good as when it was the Hanzo girls being put into focus. Basically, it was just a bunch of dialogue and a scene in a public bath. The amount of fanservice in this episode is also significantly less than the previous one’s too. Sure everyone was naked at some point here but no one’s nudity was put into good focus. I’d rather watch Haruka take a shower for ten seconds with every curve in her body highly detailed than the whole group playing wet in the nude with barely any detail to their supple bodies. Fanservice: You’re doing it wrong. You’re supposed to be a fanservice anime! Also, the censors. They use the classic blur instead of random beams of light or whatever. This is actually a good thing. Random beams of light are annoying. I do expect that the next episode be better. The girls are going head to head again and the show’s coming to an end in two to three episodes. Please tell me that the makers were just holding back on the budget to make the last episodes entertaining…

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