Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 9 – Hey Look! Manservice!

If Kamiomi’s sexy booty doesn’t satisfy you, you can always check out this steamy Kyo Ani commercial featuring four guys and a swimming pool…and dubstep.

Summary (Sort of…):

I don’t even know.

You know this blog’s about to hit its first anniversary.

I wonder if I should do anything special.

Then again, I’m swamped with school work.

Which is probably why I’m not doing a decent summary anyway.

Do people even appreciate my summaries?

Now that I think about it, who goes to an anime blog to read summaries?

Still, it adds to my word count, plus it gives me a reason to post all these neat little pictures.

Maybe there are people reading my summaries…

QUICK SURVEY! Do you read my summaries? Yes? No? Comment below! Or not…

Speaking of comments, I’ve been getting a couple of comments from random people telling me that Kirito and Asuna DID NOT have sex.

C’mon. The blog’s ratings hit a high point at the time of that episode.

They had sex. Face it.

And you’ll never have sex with Asuna ever.



I’m sorry.

But it’s true.

Here’s Sugou NTRing Asuna.

Thoughts (and an actual summary):

So the golem is actually a nine-tailed fox working for an occult group called Arahabaki. The spirit had possessed Sasami earlier before and waited until she had a regret which she wanted to change the past for. The spirit awakens and seeks to take Amaterasu’s power from Sasami and rule the world. Sasami (in Juju’s body) argues that if the Tsukuyomi shrine maidens could only control Japan with Amaterasu’s power, then Arahabaki’s dream of ruling the world is impossible.Sasami is suddenly taken back in time to when her mother died and Tsurugi appears out of nowhere. Juju also does an Undertaker and casually gets up from death. Tsurugi explains the situation: Juju is stil “alive” because she left her lifeline on Sasami when she stuck her hands in Sasami’s guts to drug her. Tsurugi and Juju come to an agreement back in the underworld and now mother, daughter, and teacher have to work together to stop the nine-tailed fox. How? By going back in time and stopping any regrets Amaterasu may have. So the trio visit various memories, including a really touching scene where Juju rips little Sasami’s drawing and scolds her for spending her time on “fun” instead of training only for Juju to secretly tape the drawing back together out mother’s love. Sasami ends up at a time where Tsurugi had not yet passed down Amaterasu’s powers. Tsurugi asks if giving up her powers is the right thing to do and admits that she regrets it. Sasami comforts Tsurugi and dispels her regrets. She goes back to the time with the golem and now, regret free, defeats it. Sasami wakes up and Juju also comes back to life (naked). Some time after, the student council president and wishes to be friends with Sasami. Her name is Edogawa Jou. She’s actually part of Arahabaki along with her fox maid.

Now…This was a great episode. I’ve seen a hundred flashback episodes from a hundred different anime but this really stands out. First, the characters were conscious and actually witnessed these flashbacks. This allowed the characters to comment on their former selves which really showed how a character changed from point A to point B. Not only that, the fact that the characters at present time were there to witness the past allows a stronger link of these flashbacks to the current plot. I think I said that before…It also really helps that these flashbacks were entertaining. Normally, I got bored easily out of flashback episodes since the characters always seemed to show significantly less personality but this was fine in that aspect. So what’s there to complain about…Well, the new baddies pretty much appeared out of the blue, and if this is going to be 12/13 episode anime, there isn’t much time to actually build these guys up as a believable threat to GOD. I thought they were going with Susanoo as the main baddie, which would mean god vs god but instead we have these occult guys, in other words we’re getting god vs god fanboys instead. Actually, Susanoo still may fit somewhere in this. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. Lastly, what was up with he start of the episode? Are these skits with Micchan and daddy supposed to mean something or are they just played for laughs? Hmm…

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