Senran Kagura 9 – Why Must the Sexiest Girl Be a Lesbian?!



Yagyuu visits Hibari in her room during the night only to find her missing.

A brainwashed Hibari enters a secret room to retrieve the super secret ninja scroll.

Kiriya senses the infiltration and checks on the scroll only to be hit with knock-out gas.

Kiriya reports that the scroll was stolen and it must have been someone from the inside since the defenses were all but impenetrable.

Hibari finds the scroll in her possession and has no idea how it got to her.

Haruka appears and takes the scroll from Hibari.

She reminds her of the deal they had when Haruka was about to defeat Yagyuu.

Haruka gives Hibari an invitation to join the dark side and together, they can rule the galaxy as lesbian and waifu!

The girls find out that Hibari ran away moment later.

Kiriya discovers that the earring Haruka gave Hibari had a tiny scroll which let her control Hibari.

Yagyuu rushes to find Hibari despite not knowing where Hebi Academy is. The girls stop her and telling her that they are all at fault here and they must all work together.

Hibari is brought to Haruka’s room as she was unfortunately in the middle of a shower.

Haruka gets Hibari to bathe with her and welcomes her to Hebi Academy.

Hibari meets the other girls but they treat her like normally like how they would treat any other girl despite Hibari’s past association with Hanzo Academy.

Haruka tell Hibari how Hebi accepts all who want to be a ninja as opposed to the elitist ways of Hanzo Academy. The top girls all joined Hebi with a purpose such as Homura who was once a light ninja but was banished for killing someone.

Haruka then introduces Suzune. She accepts Hibari and hints at her past with Hanzo Academy.

She then reports to the big bad final boss, who has successfully acquired the super secret ninja scroll.

Yagyuu apologizes to Kiriya for her rash actions. Teh two then observe how much Asuka has grown.

Suzune appears outside of the academy and fights Kiriya.

She reveals her true identity as Rin after Kiriya breaks through her armor.

She gives Kiriya a map to Hebi Academy as part of her mysterious plans.


Pretty good episode by Senran Kagura’s standards, or maybe I’m just delighted by the plentiful amount of Haruka we got this episode. Anyway, why is this episode good (for Senran Kagura’s standards)? Well, it made sense. Most of the time, when Senran Kagura tries to be serious, it’s poorly executed. This time, however, was okay. I think it had a good mix between actual plot focus and Hibari being a clumsy-cute airhead. That aspect of her was actually worked into the story and it was never dropped in favor of letting Hibari being taken a little more seriously. Let’s be honest here, Hibari is like the least threatening girl in this show and even the girls in this show know that. I guess another reason why this episode is slightly more watchable is that it lacked the usual Katsuragi forced humor. All the groping was done by Haruka this time and instead of sounding like a perverted grandma like Katsuragi, she was actually sensual…and hot. That was as close to hentai as this show is going to get, isn’t it? The transitioning in this episode was actually good, each segment was tied to the others in a sensible way. Example is how Suzune was brought into the picture while Haruka was giving Hibari a tour, the focus was then on her while she secretly planned to do something behind her boss’ back. She confronts Kiriya and now everything is in full circle. It’s not like the past episodes where she’s just shown being dark and silent and that’s it. She actually gets to do something here. Anyway that’s it for now. Be sure to check out the Facebook page if ever I add anything I didn’t put in the blog. Probably not.

2 thoughts on “Senran Kagura 9 – Why Must the Sexiest Girl Be a Lesbian?!

  1. agr0n

    The idea of cutesy flower-eyed Hibari being a spy is just awesome I thought it was a great episode myself, I have a few opinions on your review though. First off does it even matter if shes yuri, I mean its not like there are any applicable guys in this show for the main girls to be with >.> she doesn’t even seem serious to me it seems like she is more on the sisterly side like Yagyuu is or like a “your my new toy so I’ll be there for you” type deal. Secondly Haruka is not the sexiest girl Hikage is :3


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