Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 9 – The (Demon) King’s Speech

Gave me goosebumps.


Apparently part of why Maou’s getting executed is because of her integral contribution to Winter Kings rise to power and the Church fears Winter King getting out of line.

That one Merchant guy gathers the other Merchants and a diplomat from the Winter country. He wants the diplomat to spy on the current Council of Ten.

The common folk voice out their objections to Maou’s public execution but no one dares defy the orders of the Church.

Big Sis maid contemplates on how good her life has turned out since being taken in by Maou.

Female Knight gives her some words of encouragement before she goes out there to pose as Maou.

Hero also leaves the room. Big Sis waits a few seconds before breaking into tears.

A Messenger from the church arrives.

The King also participates in the execution.

Big Sis as Maou arrives and has her hands bound.

Some of the guards lacerate her as she moves to her cell.

Big Sis stands up after her torture and starts a speech.

She shares how hard her life was a serf child, watching her siblings die under cruel circumstances.

She remembers how blessed she was for being taken in and being educated.

She tells the crowd that the Light Spirit has blessed them with freedom. She did not make everyone perfect so that they can experience the blessing of growth like how she has grown from a lowly insect into a true human, going by Head Maid’s terms.

The Messenger kicks Big Sis to her knees and orders the people to stone her.

The people stone him instead in resistance.

He orders one of his men to cut her head off but Winter King saves her.

He gets into the Messenger’s face and tells him that his kingdom will no longer be a pawn of the Church and that they will side with Maou.

Female Knight also calls out the Church on their abuse of authority and declares Maou a saint of the Lakeside Convent.

The Messenger and his men are forced to leave as the people cheer for Maou.

Somewhere in the Demon World, some blue princely guy gets a vision of Maou and fears she might get in the way of his destiny to rule.

Hero apologizes to Big Sis for doing absolutely nothing and she accepts it.

Meanwhile, back in Maou’s end…


Wow. This episode just blew me away. I knew this episode was going to be big but not like this. The writing really shined through in this one with Big Sis’ epic speech. You know that moment when something is so great that your chest tightens and you start tearing up? Yeah, I got that. I really didn’t expect anything like that. This really was the show’s defining moment as well as for several characters. Obviously, there’s Big Sis who has always been weak and insecure but then here came a chance for her to change everything and she just grabbed it for everything it was worth. She did a Jesus-level act there and at the end of it all, I really just wanted to cross over to their world and give her a big, warm hug. Then there’s Winter King. The guy was always a great character. He was always portrayed as a just man but he really shined in is role here. How he just told the Church straight to their face that he won’t take their shit no more, that was better than how he declared that he will take charge of his army and his kingdom after his father died serving the Northern King. The guy is just a leaderly badass. Wish more government leaders were like him. There’s just one comment I have to make which sort of explains why this episode, while great, is still a little blemished to me. ARMS, the studio making Moau Yuusha, isn’t really a high budget studio and they mostly work on ecchi anime. It showed here in the production quality. While the writing for this episode was absolutely god-tier, the animation just didn’t match up and there was a lot of cheap CG and reused footage in the form of flashbacks. Had this anime been done by more experienced studio with sufficient resources, like Ufotable or Bones, this episode would have gone down in history as one of the most epic moments in anime of all time.

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One thought on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 9 – The (Demon) King’s Speech

  1. agr0n

    Dude that was one of the most epic speeches I’ve ever seen shit I might even quote it next time I have to write a history paper. I don’t really get what your problem with the animation is it seems fine to me :/


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