Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 8 – Obesity Problems

A very rare occurrence in anime Japan.


Micchan commentary in how Sasami’s dad became a shut-in.

Ever since her encounter with her mom, Sasami’s been isolating herself from the rest of the world.

Kamiomi’s been so deprived of his little sister, he mistakes Kagami for Sasami.

Kagami points out that Sasami created a dark barrier using Amaterasu’s power and they have to break through it to get to her.

Kagami flies everyone to Sasami’s house but Sasami set up a defense mechanism to stop them.

Sasami plays dirty and tries to destroy Kagami’s clothes and make her a nude star that’s incredibly popular on the internet.

Suddenly, Tsurugi appears out of nowhere (hell).

She gets Tama to eat a hole through Sasami’s barrier.

Turns out, Sasami got fat after eating bad pizza.

To fix this, Tsurugi brings Sasami into the past through her mother’s perspective.

Micchan picks up Juju (mom) and tells her that Sasami has a sickness that none of the other shrine maidens can cure.

Sasami fell ill after escaping into the city.

Kamiomi appears to deliver her medicine. Juju warns him not to be an inconvenience.

Juju gets hungry and checks on Micchan who’s cooking dinner.

Little backstory on Micchan. She was spirited away due to her immense spiritual energy.

Suddenly, a golem attacks Juju with Sasami as its hostage.

The golem altered the original history and can actually see the real Sasami through Juju.


Sorry I’m late. My school year’s coming to an end in a few weeks and all my profs decided to dump all their projects on me now. Maou Yuusha’s also gonna be late but I’ll try to get it up by tomorrow at least. On to the show, this was a pretty good one though it felt short. The first half was strong with Kagami being Ironman again and the big (Ehehehehehehehe…) revelation of Sasami getting fat. I was kinda surprised and disappointed that Tsurugi made her return so suddenly. It kinda wasn’t what Iw as expecting and it was kind of a let down that she just pretty much decided “Guess I’ll go back to the human world now.” Actually, I don’t thin the show ever mentioned what was holding Tsurugi back. In any case, that was the only thing that really put me off in the first half. The second half was a flashback episode that kept ties with the present situation by having Sasami there to watch the whole thing. It really did a god job have getting me to relate with Sasami’s mom. She was still this stern, no-nonsense, devout shrine maiden, but at the same time, she was also this mother who cared greatly for her daughter. It really threw me back to the past episode where Sasami took her mother around the shopping district. I saw that version of her mom. The version that wants to take care of her daughter and actually bond with her. It made me think that the creepy undead mom we got in the past episode took a wrong turn and descended into this antagonistic character. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.The second half also featured Micchan who, up until this point has really only been extra eye candy. I found it kind of odd that the writers would bother to do something with her. Up until this episode, she has never lasted longer than a minute in her few appearances. Hell, I’m not even sure if she’s alive according to the present timeline. There’s that bit in the beginning that shows that she was with Sasami’s dad after his failed mission but now Daddy is dead and Micchan has yet to be seen. Anyway, that’s it for this review. Until next time.

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