Senran Kagura 8 – Flashbacks and Fanservice

Such a weird, and yet fitting combination.


Kiriya intensifies the training for the girls.

Yagyuu saves Hibari during her training and gets scolded.

Flashback to Katsuragi and Ikaruga’s first year as ninjas.

Ikaruga is initially cold and also vastly superior to Katsuragi.

Katsuragi tries to confront Ikaruga one day but gets her shirt cut open.

So Katuragi tries to befriend Ikaruga instead.

Ikaruga finally tells Katsuragi that she annoys her and she activates a shinobi barrier to fight Katsuragi.

Sudenly, her shinobi barrier goes haywire and won’t deactivated.

Katsuragi and Ikaruga come to terms with each other and work together to bust through the barrier.

Unfortunately, Kiriya caught them using their abilities in public and punishes.

So the two had to hang in the hallway together and that’s how they became friends…I think.

A year passes and the two students finally learn how to transform.

Also, Asuka joins the group in her freshman year.

Despite her legendary heritage, she’s absolutely clutzy.

Despite her incompetence, she somehow manages to transform unconsciously after only a short time spent on training.

In the shower, the girls talk about Asuka’s potential as Hanzo’s descendant. Katsuragi comments that Asuka should be like a cat, from there, Asuka births the nickname Katsu-nee for Katsuragi.

Another year, this time Hibari and Yagyuu join the team.

Despite her prodigious skill, Yagyuu has attitude problems and to cooperate with the group except Hibari.

Kiriya comments to Daidouji about how all the girls are trouble children.

Even Daidouji herself has her problems. She promised she won’t graduate until she beats Rin.

The teams objective now is not just to defeat the Hebi girls but to find Rin as well.

Yagyuu decides to quit training early.

The final boss orders Suzune to take the super secret ninja scroll from the light ninjas.

Haruka uses her puppetry skills.

She uses the ring she gave Hibari to brainwash her into a cliffhanger ending.


Hmm…I actually enjoyed this episode. It strived to be cute, funny, fanservicey more than usual. After a chain of episodes trying really hard to be serious, it’s refreshing to see a slower paced episode. Katsuragi was actually funny sometimes too. So how about that story? Terrible storytelling is what I can say. As much as I liked some of the skits, the show still doesn’t put out anything decent. Let’s see, the first flashback portrayed Ikaruga as an asshole well enough at least. I can relate to how Katsuragi and Ikaruga started to get along. I just wished the show…well…showed more of how they continued to get along. I guess that segment was good enough. Then comes Asuka. Ikaruga feels a little irritated at how “entitled” Asuka is. That could have gone somewhere but then this flashback took a really abrupt end when they hit the showers and suddenly everything was okay. The segment with Yagyuu was the worst. Here’s Yagyuu. She’s an ass to everyone except Hibari. She’s okay now though. The end. Never really went into detail on how Yagyuu came to assimilate into the team. At least this episode explained how Daidouji fits into the story. Also, the main baddie actually showed himself in this episode (sort of). It seems he and Suzune don’t get along. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Now I’m wondering if the baddies will get a flashback episode too. Hope it’s not anytime soon though. Two flashback episodes straight is overkill. Plus the plot is actually going somewhere with Hibari being brainwashed. Right. That’s it for now. Oh yeah, the ending switched back to the first one so for hooray for cleveryly censored Katsuragi boobies!

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