Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 8 – What Was Up with the Frozen Chair?

Pretty unrelated to everything going on in the story and yet it had more screen time than the villains.


Merchant pays a visit to Maou’s residence. Since she’s not in the human world, Big Sis Maid had to substitute.

Merchant’s gets suspicious of Big Sis as Maou which causes her to lose composure.

Luckily, Hero intrudes just as Merchant was about to call Big Sis out on her facade.

Hero recalls that merchant was the guy who paid him a measly 15 gold.

Hero reminds Merchant about the deal they had which includes Merchant treating Hero to a banquet with big boobed girls.

Hero brings Merchant to the Demon World where the aurora shines in the sky.

He brings Merchant to Gate City where the human merchants and the demons co-exist and mingle.

He takes him back to the field where Dragon Princess has prepared a feast for them.

Meanwhile, Maou talks with the Mages.

Hero makes Merchant notice how well endowed Dragon Princess is.

Hero makes a deal with Merchant. He gives him the auroras if he shows the far sightedness characteristic of Merchants.

Meanwhile, Maou visits the hall where the former Demon Kings reside.

Back in the human world. Female Knight offers herself to Hero as a knight as she can’t be his as a lover.

Meanwhile, Big Sis learns about all the useful things Head Maid had taught the villagers.

NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION! Not even Winter King who receives orders to subdue somebody.

He visits Hero at the dead of night to inform him that Maou has been accused of heresy for promoting demon potatoes.

Hero suggests letting Big Sis pose as Maou and he’ll come to rescue her later.

Lil’ Sis appears and Big Sis tries to assure her that everything will be okay.


Pretty “meh” episode despite being rather important plot wise. Let’s start with the good things though. The show had some pretty good-looking scenes despite nothing involving any action. I really loved the angle of the camera looking over Merchant’s shoulder as he observes the demons and humans from above. There’s also the two guys looking over the horizon with the aurora above them. Someone in the studio sure was feeling artistic while this episode was being produced. The music was also great. A lot of tracks that stood out and they were just pleasant to hear. Also, well, I think the division of the focus in this show was a little better in this episode. It was really mainly about Maou, Hero and Big Sis. Still had a lot of jumping in between barely related scenes though. Seriously, what was up with that frozen chair? I got confused a bit when Hero was with Merchant in one scene and the next, it’s day again and he’s with Female Knight. The storytelling is going poopy here which is bad because the show is actually going somewhere. For a while, it didn’t seem like the writers knew what to do with the characters. Maou was suddenly inventing things and then suddenly had to go back to the Demon World. Then no actual info on what she’s actually doing there. She’s with the Mage in one scene and then back in the Demon King’s castle. How am I supposed to figure out anything from those two short scenes? Then there’s Female Knight who just suddenly gives up on going steady with Hero and decides to be her guard. It’s a shame. She’s one of the more interesting characters but when she actually does something dramatic, the show skips anything before hand which would have clued us, the viewers, on her reasoning. So there goes the love triangle sub plot. The dialogue in the last scene maid little sense to me. Hero having to do everything alone seems like Kirito logic to me. The track that played in the end was beautiful and would have really added to the emotion of the scene if I wasn’t so confused with what just transpired. Demon potatoes?!

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3 thoughts on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 8 – What Was Up with the Frozen Chair?

  1. Quizoxy

    I assumed that during the first teleportation, Hero took merchant with the chair along, to one of the places where he got teleporting again immediately where the cold weather was shown, causing the freezing to occur.


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