Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 7 – Tama is a Grade Schooler.

Maybe she has a Benjamin Button thing going on. That, or she’s going to be 7 feet tall when she grows up.


Episode starts with a flashback of Sasami playing with Mom.

Next scene is the tale of Tama who crosses rivers naked and eats bento lunches on bullet trains. She also keeps up her cheery attitude in hopes that it would catch on to her less-than-upbeat sisters.

With Kagami incapacitated and Tsurugi literally in hell, it’s up to Tama to find and rescue Sasami.

Meanwhile, Sasami is being held hostage in the ruins of the Tsukuyomi shrine.

Her mother is trying to get her back to the path of the shrine maiden. She applies emotion repressing drugs by jabbing them into Sasami’s stomach.

Also, Momma knocked out Papa for being a failure.

Now she wants Papa to impregnate Sasami so that the line of Tsukuyomi shrine maidens could continue.

Also, she killed Broniichan.

At least that’s what she told Sasami. Broniichan is locked up in another location.

Kagami wakes up and sends Tsurugi’s sword to help Kamiomi.

The sword spawns in front of him and he uses it to break his chains.

He reunites with Sasami whose first reaction is to dropkick her brother on the face.

Sasami was actually really scared without him protecting her.

They run away but Momma catches them.

Tama appears out of nowhere interrupting the family confrontation by complaining about how much trouble it was to get to the temple.

She teleports Tsurugi’s sword and uses it to break Mom’s.

Also, she “eats” several of Mom’s body parts.Apparently the old gods such as Susanoo are vulnerable to the power of the new gods like Tama.

Sasami binds her mother with a seal she learned from her.

Tama pushes Mom as Tsurugi opens the gates of the underworld behind her.

A few days later, Tsurugi calls Sasami to tell her that her mom might still be able to come back.

She also sends something that was with Mom when she got kicked into hell: The plushie she won with Sasami at the arcade.


Ugh. This episode was just bad. Not cheap bad but “Writing was terrible so shit didn’t make sense” bad. First there was the whole thing with Tama. Cheap way to develop a character right there with a montage of her doing random things. I hope this doesn’t count as her episode. It’d be no fair since Kagami actually had a pretty good episode focused on her and all Tama got was roughly 5 minutes of internal monolgue which had no impact on me at all.Then there’s the fact that the first half was very serious and suspenseful with Mom drugging her own daughter and getting Dad to have sex with her. It was all good until the show got to the point with Kamiomi. Suddenly, things become a gagfest again. Then the whole fight between Tama and Sasami’s mom was totally lackluster compared to the other action the show has delivered so far. What made the difference? Kagami a.k.a. Schoolgirl Ironman not being there and blowing shit up.This episode did do a couple things right. It used incest a serious plot element and not just some added fanservicey thing like with most anime. It made sense with what the Tsukuyomi shrine followed. Other great thing was the visuals. They really fit the atmosphere of the scenes they were in. If it was Mom going crazy at Sasami, the background would be red and sketchy. When Kamiomi held Sasami to comfort her, the lights were soft and had this immaculate effect. Ah man, I’m kinda getting worried for this show now. It started off strong and was pretty good while it was at its filler stages but now that the conflict actually matters, I’ve been confused and disappointed with how this show is going.Here’s hoping the next episodes do better!

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