Figure Review of the Overly Expensive Dalian by FREEing!


Does this look worth 12000 yen to you?


Now this is a figure you won’t find many reviews about, not because it’s poor quality, rather it’s waaaaay over priced! She’s 12000 yen! It’s not like she’s big or fancy either (she’s pretty heavy though). It’s a good thing I found Dalian (from the anime Dantalian no Shoka, by the way) being sold at 49% off at Plamoya. The hipster in me couldn’t resist having a figure other figure collectors won’t buy! Now on to the review!


Look above at Dalian’s cute loli face. The manufacturer did a great job with her face. It looks jut like it did with the anime. Her little headband shown below also hides what would have been crease lines where her two hair pieces would connect. That’s a good thing.


Speaking of her hair, her hair is probably the best part about her. The waves look beautiful and the violet highlights really replicate the style in the anime. Nice touch.


Her boots are supposed to be leather but under certain lighting, they may appear like they’re made of metal. Still, I kinda like them, these sharp boots under that elegant dress sure alludes to Dalian’s stern demeanor despite her gentle appearance.


I’m sure you’ve been wondering for a while now about what’s written in her book. Well, it’s not like it’s a bunch of scribbles but the letters are just too small for me to read. I can at least tell that it’s part of a story. I could pick up few narrative sentences here and there but not everything.


Her book is removable, though I don’t see why. She looks awkward without her book. I guess I’ll only take it out to show her chest (or lack thereof). It’s a pretty little design that pretty much goes with everything else on her.


She looks like she’s doing that pose the guy from Ancient Aliens got turned into a meme for.


Librarian. Aliens.

Lastly, she doesn’t come with a base, which is cool because she can obviously stand (or rather sit) on her own. I do worry that her underside would get dirty though. It’s all white down there so dirt would be easily noticeable. Also, it’s pretty detailed for a side that’s probably never going to be displayed.


So, overall, Dalian is a good figure. Cute, detailed and with a flawless paint job to boot. Still not worth the 12000 yen FREEing wants you to buy her for though. You won’t see a lot of guys with this around unless the manufacturers decide on a price drop. Right, I don’t wanna end this review with a picture of me flipping Dalian’s dress so have this bonus image.


Spoooooky! Also, Like the Facebook page!

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