Senran Kagura 7 – Now with Katsuragi’s Nipples.

Funny how SanCom isn’t picking this up more often.


Asuka has nightmares about Homura mocking Asuka’s lineage.

Kiriya talks to a cat. He’s cool like that.

Yomi shares a rumor about how their mentor Suzune used to be a light ninja. No big deal says Mirai. Mirai and Homura’s families used to be part of the light faction, much to Homura’s frustration.

Kiriya remembers Rin and how she died in action. A mysterious dark figure tells Kiriya that she might have been taken to the dark side seeing as how the Hebi ninja girls use variations of her techniques.

Kiriya takes the girls out to go HIKING! Which is like hiking but more dangerous and ninja-y.

Asuka decides to take the aerial route to travel faster.

She lands near a river and just like her other comrades, gets pseudo-raped by the wildlife.

Meanwhile, Katsuragi gets caught in a blizzard and has to wait ten years for Star Craft 3. She decides to put on a Sumo suit first to keep her warm. LOOK! NIPPLES!

Yagyuu gets attacked by piranhas. Hibari appears and manages to save her.

Ikaruga runs into Sumoragi at night.

The two find a hotspring and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Meanwhile, Yagyuu apologozes to HIbari for thinking that Hibari would’ve been too weak to try and save her from the piranhas.

Asuka explores a dark cave and is forced to face a giant, menacing, blood-thirsty kitten.

The kitten mocks Asuka’s belief that her lineage guarantees her strength. Asuka remembers a story about her father standing up to her Grandpa in order to marry the woman he loved.

Asuka regains her strength and defeats the monstrous kitten.

All five girls somehow make it to the peak at the same time.

The legendary ninja student Daidouji appears and challenges the girls to take the super secret ninja scroll in her possession.

She defeats all five girls in one blow.

Asuka tries a second time and is defeated again.

Kiriya appears and reveals that the whole HIKING trip was a way for Daidouji to test the skills of the girls.

Daidouji gives Asuka the scroll becuase she sensed that she gave it her all with fighting her. Riiiiiiight.

Daidouji warns Kiriya to take care of Asuka else she might end up like Rin.

Asuka reads the contents of the scroll. WTF. It’s just some saying by Hanzo. What happened to the super secret ninja technique only one person may learn?


Well, let’s just say that I’ve seen fanfiction from grade schoolers that were better done than this episode. Seriously, you think this special training would have merited a better episode. Nope. First of all, the animation quality seemed cheap. There were some scenes where there was noticeable frame skipping and the show looked more like a slideshow presentation than an animation. There was also a half second scene borrowed from the first episode with the girls walking to school. FIrst, Katsuragi at the left side looking sleepy, next scene, she’s on the right of the group and energetic enough to give Ikaruga a friendly skirt flip. Once again, the Hebi girls were given an insufficient amount of screen time. Really, it’s either they should get a good portion of the episode or none at all. Having them around for three minutes is like serving a burger with one sesame seed. Usually you’d have a burger with a lot of those or not at all. Anyway, there’s also the music which was absolutely random. Towards the middle, there was this random J-pop track that sounded like it would fit better in some generic high school anime Kyo Ani would make to milk more money out of their fansheep. It didn’t really fit a scene for a group of ninjas undergoing intense training in a mountain. Man, I kinda regret taking up this show. Watching it is one thing but writing about it is a pain in the Haruka-sized ass except for the parts where I get to make fun of it. Why am I still writing then? Well, gotta finish what I’ve started, unfortunately. I’d easily quit on a lot of things but not this blog. I love this blog and if you do too, go Like the Facebook page! Also, please don’t do the Harlem Shake in public. It looks really dumb. WHATEVER. I’m out!

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