Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 6 – Oookaaay…

Now what?


Sasami recalls seeing her mother in the street which should have been impossible.

She tries to call out to her but when her mother turns toward her, all the streetlights flash and she disappears.

Next day, Sasami asks Kagami to come with her to the shopping district to buy a bike. Unfortunately, Kagami has to take her pet rabbit Meat to the vet.

While in the shopping district, Sasami runs into her mother, this time face to face.

Sasami brings her mother to an arcade and they play the claw game. Sasami’s mother just charms a plushie to drop in the prize bin.

The arcade clerks chase Sasami and her mother out. Mom gets tired from running easily which made Sasami recall how her mother was always so frail that she had to nurse her often as a child.

Sasami then take her mother shopping despite the fact that her mom objects to all these burdensome luxuries.

Meanwhile, the Tsukuyomi sisters are at the vet, Kagami fawning over the fluffy little animals.

Sasami takes her mom to a restaurant. Then she realizes neither of them had ever learned to feed themselves since they were always pampered by the men of the shrine.

Momma admits that actually happy to spend time with her daughter.

Sasami comes out with the truth and reveals that her mom should have passed away years ago.

Momma reveals that she has indeed passed away. She shows her true form to Sasami and tells her that she made a deal with the king of the underworld to let her stay in the realm of the living while her physical body hasn’t completely rotted.

She tells Sasami that she’s disappointed that Sasami ran away from her duties as inheritor of Amaterasu’s powers. Sasami tries to defend her own freedom but Momma just bitch slaps that bitch.

Tsurugi appears to protect Sasami but she has no fighting ability whatsoever.

Momma reveals that she was given a cursed divine sword by the king of the underworld.

Kagami and Tama also try to protect Sasami. Momma quickly defeats Kagami. Oh shit.

Momma then throws Tsurugi down the pit of hell.

Only Tama is left and all she can do is plead for Momma to stop.

Sasami stops her mom and tells her she’ll return to the temple.

Momma then transports Sasami to a ruined building but Sasami faints soon afterwards.


Not as great as the last two episodes which is bad because this is where the plot finally starts to pick up. I feel that the change in atmosphere was just way too drastic compared to how the plot developed in Kagami’s episode. At least that one made sense, as the scenes were getting darker, time was also moving and night-time was approaching. I assume the events of this episode happened during the afternoon around class hours. Still, it was all bright and sunny even if, I assume, two to three hours have passed while Sasami was playing with her mom. Also, the extras just literally disappeared when shit started to go down and Momma started fighting the Yagami sisters. I probably shouldn’t listen to logic while watching this show anyway. I mean, Kagami’s rabbit is either invisible or imaginary and Tama is freakin’ nine years old with the legs of a supermodel. One thing I did like was the first scene with Sasami narrating her experience of seeing her mom in an empty street. It was just so poetic and made even better with the creepy and yet strangely soothing music playing in the background. Kamiomi was also absent today. I’d like to have taken this time to try to forget about him as a joke character but then he popped up again during the ending sequence so now his cheesy voice and flambuoyant mannerisms are back in my head. This wasn’t a terrible episode by any means, but it could have been better as the episode that switches the gears of the plot and goes full throttle. Alright, that’s enough of me trying to sound like I know about cars…


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