Mouyuu Mao Yuusha 7 – Hey, Warm Bodies Was Actually Pretty Good…

That has nothing to do with Maou Yuusha, but hey, it’s my blog!


Big Sis is recapping recent events on her journal, with the battle for Bright Light Island over, Maou and Hero have had time to spend with each other. Meanwhile, Female Knight hangs around, teaching sword fighting and hunting and all.

Winter King is busy shaping up his government by rooting out corruption.

Female Knight bests Hero in a mock duel even if he had the advantage with his magic.

After their fight, Hero and Female Knight wash up with Maou’s new water pump invention.

After, the two sit down for a casual conversation except Hero’s mind is on the war while Female Knight is more concerned with their love lives.

Hero goes isnide the house. Lil’ Sis Maid shows him her new creation: Soda.

Maou talks about the condition of the Demon World. Hero remembers the Dragon Princess who has been helpful in his missions.

He remembers the Eastern Fortress General who replaced That Other Guy as leader of Gate City. East General is planning a feast to ease the relations between the demons and the human merchants.

Speaking of That Other Guy, he’s been thrown in prison for cowardly running away from Gate City and then cowardly retreating from Bright Light Island.

So, Hero pays the East General a visit and they chat over some beer and fried chicken.

Suddenly, Dragon Princess confronts Hero and calls him her husband while holding him affectionately.

In a totally unrelated event, an earthquake hits Winter’s Pass Village.

Maou tells Head Maid that it’s about time that they get moving.

Maou brings Maou and Big Sis Maid to the Iron City to show her latest invention…

Which is a printing press…

Later at night, Female Knight catches Maou sneaking in to Hero’s bedroom, though Female Knight was probably doing the same…

Female Knight shows the napkin with a love note that the Dragon Princess gave to Hero which he offered at her chapel.

They argue until Head Maid pushes them both in and walks away.

After some arguing, they decide to compromise and share the bed with Hero.

Maou tells Female Knight (and a half asleep Hero) that she’s returning to the Demon World to renew her Demon King licence (what) so she wants Female Knight to take care of Hero and the others.

Before leaving the house, Maou leaves Big Sis a ring that can turn her into Maou whenever she’s needed.

Hero transports Maou and Head Maid to the Demon realm and they promise each other that they’ll reunite in a few months.

Meanwhile, the Northern King and That Other Guy laugh evilly while discussing evil things in their evil lair of evil.


The show obviously slowed down after the events of last episodes. I like how there’s very little in the way of fillers and that the show goes ahead with the plot. So new inventions are made one after the other, earthquakes have been becoming more frequent, the Dragon Princess thinks she’s Hero’s (only) lover, Female Knight is starting to make her moves on Hero and the bad guys are being bad. Maou Yuusha’s not taking any break to do a beach episode unlike a certain “vivid” and “red” anime out there. While it’s good to see that the writers are busy, I’m kinda worried that there won’t be enough time for all these different scenarios to play out and end conclusively. We might get another situation like [K] where the more minor parts of the story (which in this case is probably the advancement of technology and the discovery of fizzy drinks) such as all the character backstories will end abruptly and never be mentioned during the main arc again. Also, I’m hoping that Winter King and the Alliance keep their significance even as the plot moves on ahead of them. It seems that the true antagonists of this anime have revealed themselves and quite honestly, they don’t look too threatening. The fact is, they’ve only really taken up the role as antagonists only after they’ve been embarrassed by the good guys. They’re not really convincing as a threat. Sure, they have the cliche evil laugh and the cliche evil lair but what have they really done so far that would make me fear for our heroes? Nothing yet. There’s also the dragon princess. Don’t know how her part of the story is gonna turn out…Anyway, my only real complaint about the episode was that there was no transition between scenes. We’ve got these several aspects of the story but they don’t really link to each other well. I mean, we’ve got a lovey-dovey Dragon Princess in one scene, suddenly some cowardly officer is being imprisoned and now Maou and Female Knight sneak into Hero’s room looking for some D. Oh yeah, and Hero and Maou are separated AGAIN.

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