Senran Kagura 6 – Biggest by Far…

It’s weird how, in an anime about tits and asses, Haruka has the biggest of both of them, and yet is quite unpopular in Japan.


A cat tells Kiriya that someone who is either currently or formerly a good ninja must have let the intruders in.

Katsuragi’s fight continues with her on the losing end.

Katsuragi goes for one last attack which gets a lot out of Hikage but not enough to defeat her.

Meanwhile, Ikaruga resorts to her secret ninja technique to defeat Yomi.

Yagyuu easily defeats Mirai by slapping her with a tentacle.

Yagyuu makes it gets out of the barrier. Kiriya tells her that there is a way to break through a shinobi barrier but it’s risky.

He remembers his old student who suggested linking shinobi barriers with others. She died.

Yagyuu tries to break through to Hibari despite Kiriya’s warnings.

Meanwhile, Haruka and her lovely ass are toying around with Hibari.

Hibari manages to turn things around by summoning her rabbit familiar.

Haruka continues to beat Hibari down though.

Yagyuu manages to break in but is left too weak to fight Haruka. Haruka easily defeats her.

She tells Hibari that she’s not going to kill either of them as long as Hibari becomes her friend. She leaves her one of her earrings as a sign of their friendship.

Homura defeats Asuka and tells her that her faith in her comrades is useless. A ninja works alone.

Haruka orders the others to fall back since Mirai’s defeat shook up their linked barrier.

Everyone returns to the normal except for Yagyuu who comes out badly injured and unconscious.

Yagyuu is brought to a secret ninja hospital. Hibari stays beside her while the others are back at the school.

It starts raining. Yagyuu remembers the first time the two met where it was also raining.

HIbari reminds Yagyuu of her little sister who died in a traffic accident.

Hanzo appears out of nowhere to deliver the joys of Futomaki to the girls.

He tells Kiriya that they must learn the SUPER secret ninja technique for them to be able to beat the Hebi ninja girls.

Kiriya shows the girls what the SUPER secret ninja technique is compared to the other non SUPER ninja techniques. The girls get excited but Hanzo tells them that only one of them can learn it.

Last scene is a silhouette of a wire-haired, large-breasted figure.


Well this episode is a little better than the last. I could sort of take this show seriously since it did away with some of the fanservice but still, when clothing damage is a mechanic in these ninja damage and all the girls wear bikinis under their clothes, it’s hard to not make fun of this show. It’s also not like a lot of this show was logical either. Katsuragi gets her shirt torn off and while her breasts are usually bare, she suddenly spawns a bikini top when she gets defeated. Haruka usually wears a white thong but when she got kicked by Hibari’s bunny, she instantly switched to some more conservative pink panties. It’s also weird how absolutely nothing happened between Yomi and Ikaruga, and Hikage and Katsuragi while Haruka was fighting the others. Did they just patiently wait for the others to finish? How courteous of them. Well, it’s not like the other aspects of storytelling was any better. Yagyuu’s flashback about her dead sister was just poorly executed and was literally just one floating frame. At least Ikaruga and Katsuragi’s flashbacks were fully animated. Nope. One freakin’ frame for Yagyuu. And since I brought up Ikaruga’s flashback, I might as well point out how she suddenly blurted out something like how she imbues all her anxiety onto her sword. Where was that when it actually mattered? Heh. At least the show was being serious about it’s self…Mostly. Points for effort but really, the cheapness of this show is obvious.

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One thought on “Senran Kagura 6 – Biggest by Far…

  1. agr0n

    “Katsuragi gets her shirt torn off and while her breasts are usually bare, she suddenly spawns a bikini top” Ikr I’ve always wondered that myself.


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