Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 6 – Blood on the Dance Floor

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Maou prepares to leave for the Winter Country. Big Sis Maid gets into a serious discussion with her about the definition of war.

Meanwhile, Female Knight arrives at Winter King’s main camp.

Lil’ Sis Maid interrupts Maou and Big Sis’ discussion to tell Maou that her convoy is ready

.Back in the Demon World, Hero’s been causing nightmares for the Crusaders.

Also affected is one of the leaders of the Crusaders who contemplates about returning to the Human World.

Maou finally arrives at the Winter Country and pitches her idea to the King which should guarantee minimum casualties in the coming skirmish.

She gets the men to create a land bridge out of the glaciers, binding them with salt and seawater.

The battle turns to the favor of the humans because the demons were expecting a naval battle.

Both sides retreat by the end of the day. A messenger informs the generals that reinforcements from Gate City are making their way towards the demons.

Back in Gate City, the leaders had a dispute over staying in the city or not.

Most of the men have retreated back to the Human World. The Crusaders left have no choice but to relinquish some power back to the demons.

Hero also returns. As happy as Maou was, it was Female Knight who made the first move to welcome Hero back.

The demon general starts attacking the human army himself. Female Knight steps up to face him as the general of the humans.

She defeats her giant foe with a slash down his head. The men rejoice at her victory.

Winter King holds a huge banquet in celebration of regaining Bright Light Island.

He gives special honors to Maou and Female Knight who were vital to his army’s success.

Hero and Old Man enjoy the banquet from afar. the two reminisce about the good ol’ days and how Hero is a cut above the other humans which makes him feel isolated if it weren’t for his companions.


Certainly a livelier episode than what we’ve had in the past. This episode spends less time explaining economic concepts and more on what is actually happening in the story. Which is a great change of pace for this show. Also, finally the Winter King is directly involved with the main cast of characters. It would be interesting to see how things will play out from here. Will he keep his prominence or will he slowly fade to irrelevance now that his problem has been resolved. With Maou out of her mansion, will we see the maids again? This episode really has changed the face of the story a lot. Also, noting the little tension between Female Knight and Maou. Sparks are gonna fly now that Hero’s back in the human world. I still think it’s a damn shame barely any of Hero’s adventures in the Demon World were shown but that’s all behind us now. What’s still here, though, is Maou’s utter (or should I say udder?) lack of sense of urgency towards the war. She is still too collected even when she’s already right in the face of battle. Ah well, it’s not really clear where the story is heading from here. Hey, that rhymes! There’s still a couple things that should be taken care of before Maou can go and say that the war is over. There’s the Alliance who are still looming between being neutral and evil. Again, not “Mwahahahaha!” evil but evil in the sense that they want the war to continue for their profit. There’s also the deal with the Mage from Hero’s old party. I’m not sure if she’s still supposed to be lost or that’s been resolved in Hero’s journey that was never shown. She looks like an important character so I’m guessing that that’s not the last we’ve seen of her. Alrighty then, guess I have to wait ’til next week to see what happens next in Maoyuu.

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