Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 5 – I Think SHAFT Reads My Blog…

I’d be really flattered and worried if they did…


Sasami approaches Kagami after classes one day to make a little request.

She explains that the class’ impression of her is less than ideal with her brother being the homeroom teacher and describing her as a sad little shut-in.

Sasami wants Kagami to be a temporary friend so Sasami can project herself as the bubbly and vibrant type. Kagami outright refuses so she could continue her nap. Sasami persistently bothers her about it and Kagami eventually gives in and agrees to be Sasami’s friend.

The next day, Sasami gets Kagami to go to the cafeteria with her (even if Kagami doesn’t need to eat). They find Tsurugi beating all the other staff members in an eating contest with a kiss from her as a prize.

A lunch lady carrying a bowl of noodles slips and the noodles end up on Kagami. Kagami tells Sasami to carry on with her lunch while she leaves to change her clothes.

Later, Sasami asks Kagami to accompany her to the restroom since it’s what girl friends do.

Kagami is met with several accidents including a whole locker falling on her. Once again, she tells Sasami to go on without her.

Sasami and Kamiomi have dinner at a sushi restaurant. Sasami complains that she hasn’t really done anything fun with Kagami since becoming friends. Kamiomi is only jealous of Kagami since she’s all Sasami’s been talking about for a while already.

On the way home, Sasami finds Kagami bloodied and beaten. She tries to help her but Kagami tells her to stay out of her way.

Sasami offers to take Kagami to watch a movie with her. Kagami once again rejects her. Sasami gets emotional and throws the tickets at Kagami then runs away.

To add insult to injury, Sasami catches Kagami hanging out with other girls.

On her way home, Sasami passes by a park where she finds Tama playing blind tag with the other children.

Tama sees Sasami and greets her and gets her to play with them.

After playtime, Sasami and Tama have a heart-to-heart talk about Sasami’s situation. Tama explains that Kagami is actually really happy to have Sasami as a friend. As gods, everyone and everything gets forcibly altered to become their friends. At least a god can become another god’s friend through their own will. Through this, Sasami figures out that Kagami has been distancing herself from her to protect her from the jealous lesser gods.

Kagami has been fighting the entire school for the sake of her friendship with Sasami.

Sasami looks for Kagami and finds her in the classroom.

Kagami explains that those girls she was with were possessed by the lesser gods so she had to exorcise them.

Sasami leaps at Kagami to hug her. She cries while telling her that they’ll really be friends. Kagami tries to act cold but warms up to Sasami and hugs her back.

Kinda short on images so have the post-credits art. Pretty cute.


Remember when I said that last episode was the best episode this anime had in a while? Yeah, f*ck that. This episode was great! And oddly enough, it seemed to answer to a lot of my criticisms from the last episode. I said Kagami was, at that point, a very one-dimensional character and that she needed to have some focus on her. Well look at this episode! SHAFT! If you’re reading my blog, I just want you to know that you’re doing a good job! Little rough at the start but this show is getting better! Now make next episode a beach episode and introduce a busty new fanservice character! Kidding aside, this is just what I needed to be able to really tell myself that I’m going to enjoy this episode. Aside from the episode really looking into Kagami and giving her a personality and a more important role in the story, this episode also does a good job storytelling. Just like last episode, this one had me trying to piece everything together. Everything started to fall into place as the show was wrapping up. Suddenly, Kagami lying next to a lamp-post all bloody and acting like a jerk to Sasami made sense. Not to mention that the last scene really played on emotions. It got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside when the two girls made up. And note: This is just one episode. To sum it up: Just a really good episode with good focus on Kagami and effective storytelling.

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