Senran Kagura 5 – Katsuragi’s Gravity Defying Clothes

Must be some ninja technique or something.


Obigatory Haruka fanservice bath scene before the actual story starts.

All five Hebi ninja girls are ordered to attack the Hanzo ninja girls.

Meanwhile, Kiriya has the girls train even more intensively after they were beaten by the Hebi girls.

Team Hebi manage to infiltrate Hanzo academy and begin the search for the secret Hanzo ninja base.

Their mentor, Suzune, reports to the actual final boss.

Kiriya punishes Katsuragi for sleeping during one of his lectures by making hanging her upside down while making her carry buckets of water.

And Team Hebi finally finds the secret base in a suspicious abandoned building in the middle of the school.

Katsuragi daydreams about her childhood days.

Her daydream turns into a nightmare when she remembers how her parents were pretty much exiled for failing a mission. Since then, Katsuragi has been training to atone for her parents’ failure.

The intruder alarm sets off because a Red Spy is in the base because some delinquents wandered into the building.

Kiriya forces the delinquents out of the building then realizes that they were decoys to lure him out.

A Shinobi Barrier is activated which isolates the Hanzo girls from the Kiriya.

Ikaruga figures that it’s the work of the Hebi ninjas and orders the girls to transform and rollout.

More dummy ninjas appear and attack the girls.

The girls get separated and are trapped in individual Shinobi Barriers.

The Hebi girls appear and each take on one of the Hanzo girls.

Asuka uses Mortal Combat mode to disarm Homura.

Homura goes all out and pulls out six swords, weilding them Masamune Date style.

Meanwhile, Hibari is trapped by Haruka the puppet master dressed in lingerie. Rape is pretty much imminent now.

Yagyuu is trapped with Mirai, who she couldn’t care less for, much to Mirai’s dismay.

Back in evil HQ, Suzune comments to herself how everything is so vulgar.


Meh. I enjoy Senran Kagura more when it has bikini girls and it isn’t taking itself seriously. This was a pretty serious episode and I really didn’t enjoy it as much. It felt off. This episode put focus on Katsuragi and tried to emphasize on her past with her parents running away. I don’t think it was as well done as Ikaruga’s story though. Ikaruga’s story went on through out her arc while Katsuragi so far has one flashback and then forgets about it for the rest of the episode. Hopefully it doesn’t end as badly as Ikaruga’s arc did. There’s also the part with Asuka discovering that Homura was EEEVIIIL! It was just really bad and it’s not like the music did anything to make the atmosphere fit with the situation. Oh yeah, add Hibari to the list of characters with annoying voices, I know she’s supposed to be the cute and clumsy type but it’s way overdone in this anime to the point where I cannot take anything she says seriously at all. Katsuragi is still #1 when it comes to terrible voices though. Even her child self sounded terrible. So who might have my favorite voice in this anime? Probably Mirai. She has the loli voice down and she’s very expressive but she doesn’t go overboard unlike with Katsuragi and Hibari. She’s pretty much the joke character on the Hebi ninja side but at least she plays her part well. That’s it for this episode. Pretty much nothing going for it. Just a build up episode. I’m guessing that next episode is where all the action will be at.

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