Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 4 – Vuoyerism Time

and aliens apparently…


Sasami comes home after a long day and finds a suspicious DVD in her brother’s room.

She checks it out on her brother’s PC. It actually contains footage of the “Sasami Watch Project” by the Yagami sisters and her brother.

The project has the girls monitor Sasami while she’s running some errands. For some reason, Sasami remembers none of this.

While Kagami’s stalking Sasami in a mall, Tama is…abducted by aliens…

Sasami enters a pharmacy looking to buy condoms because Tsurugi told her to do it as a prank. Unfortunately, the pharmacy doesn’t have any.

Next, Sasami stops by a thrift store and buys clothes for a disguise.

She changes her clothes in a bath house but Kamiomi can’t show that so have a clip of Sasami sleeping.

Sasami’s next destination is an anime merchandise store.

She goes to the adult section in disguise and browses the hentai figures.

The clerk catches her and brings her to an idol event instead.

Kamiomi tries to follow but he has a camera for a head and a guard tells him filming is prohibited. Kamiomi recognizes the guard as a shrine maiden from Tsukuyomi temple.

The crowd and the idol reveal themselves to be monks in disguise. Sasami’s father binds her and extracts the tumor in her which contains Amaterasu’s power.

Tsurugi and her sisters literally bust in to save Sasami.

They get away on Tama’s UFO.

The UFO crash lands in the city. Soldiers from the government surround the UFO to take the aliens. They throw knockout gas which causes Sasami to forget the events that just occurred.

Sasami’s tumor morphs into human form and escapes.

Tsurugi appears behind Sasami and calls her a sarcoma. It turns out that the Sasami watching the video is actually the tumor which thinks it’s Sasami.

Sasami tries to resist but Tsurugi take Amaterasu’s power from her.

The real Sasami wakes up in a hospital. Tsurugi gives back Amaterasu’s power to her explaining that she knows she won’t abuse it.

Meanwhile, Tama bids farewell to her alien friends.


For some reason, WordPress logged me out just as I was about to publish the original version of this post. My draft got erased and I had to rewrite this whole thing from scratch. F*** you, WordPress. Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. I’d even go so far as to say that this is my favorite episode yet, not that there’s many to choose from anyway. This episode had proportionate doses of action, plot and utter randomness. I also really like the storytelling here. The conflict is presented right off the bat with Sasami watching a documentary of herself with events she doesn’t remember. The next scenes seem pointless and unrelated at first but all the questions I had coming to the end were all answered. This episode had a conclusive ending and that’s just great. I also love how Tama being abducted by aliens was actually plot relevant and got its own conclusion. That’s the kind of comedy I wanna see from the show, not poor Bakemonogatari mimicry. Also, Kagami sure got a fair amount of screen time this time around. I said it before, she’s probably my favorite character with her being schoolgirl Ironman and all. Still, she’s nothing more than a fanservice character at this point like her sisters. Fanservice not in the ecchi sense but in that she’s characterized in such a way that she has qualities attractive to otakus. Yes, some guys dig the soft-spoken, sleepy type. It doesn’t help that she goes “Funyaa~” everytime she yawns, which she does a lot. She couldn’t be more of an obvious fanservice character. Let’s look at her voice actress! Kana Hanazawa also did Tenshi from Angel Beats and Aoi Futaba from Asobi Ni Iku Yo (who I have a soft spot for). Both are soft-spoken characters but both have way more depth than Kagami as she is right now. Yes, Aoi is a character from a cruddy harem anime but she’s still has more character than Kagami. On a side note, there’s another character named Aoi Futaba from Vividred Operation. Just sayin’. Back on topic, I really wish the writers would take some time to explore Kagami and Tama but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be in the anime and not in the form of some cheap manga tie in which I’m probably not going to read. Right now, only two characters really come off as developed for me and they are Sasami and Tsurugi. I’d include Kamiomi but he’s too much of a goofball for me to analyze seriously. He did playa¬† part in protecting Sasami from her father. That was a serious scene but I could only think about the pervy Oniichan that did the Hare Hare Yukai in episode 1 whenever I hear his voice now. It’s going to be interesting to see how he develops as the story continues and requires him to take a more serious role. Ah, that’s it for now. Go watch the episode and if you already did, go do something else. Stop reading already!

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