Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 5 – And Now Tentacles!

At least they’re not trying to rape little girls.


The Alliance merchants talk about how regaining Bright Light Island would mean a better trading route with the south for them.

Hero saves a demon waitress from being harassed by human soldiers in Gate City.

The commander of the 200 fleet army moving to Bright Light Island rouses his men into battle with a battle speech. Included in his army is the Winter King.

Hero learns that the humans that have occupied Gate City are total dicks except for those in the East Fortress.

Then demon girl takes Hero to a temple where he finds a senile demon cursing the human colonists. The demon girl asks why Hero serves the Demon King (Maou). He answers that he belongs to her in a way that didn’t have to do with his defeat.

The navy heading for Bright Light Island gets decimated by giant squids.

The Southern King and the Winter Prince argue over the next course of action.

The Southern King accuses the Prince of being greedy since he has the support of the Convent and the Alliance and yet he still demands compensation for his father’s death.

Prince answers that it’s not a matter of who gets compensated but rather who’s to blame for the defeat. He proclaims himself the new Winter King and tells the Old Man to find the woman who will become his army’s commander.

Female Knight prepares to leave Maou. Maou tells her that she wishes to be friends with her before she would leave.

She reveals that she is in fact the Demon King and that she’s been lying to everyone. Knight points her sword at Maou only to accept her confession. Her sin was not being the Demon King, rather her sin was lying to the people.

She lowers her sword and shakes hands with Maou as a sign of friendship.

In the living room, the Maid Sisters surprise Maou and Head Maid with gifts to celebrate the New Year’s Festival.

Later that night, the maids go to the dance while Maou stays behind.

She laments how it’s been a year since she last saw Hero.

Suddenly, Hero appears.

The two get into a childish argument about who has it worse but they both stop when they hear the music from the festival.

Hero takes Maou to the entrance hall and dances with her.

As the festival ends, Hero prepares to return to the Demon World to finish his mission in Gate City. He promises Maou that they will see each other again in a month.


This episode leaves me both satisfied and disappointed at the same time. On one hand, we see more of Hero and his reunion with Maou was both funny and sweet. On the other hand, the segments in this episode don’t seem to mesh well with each other. I mean, it starts with the Alliance, then we never see them again. Then there’s Hero in Gate City. Then suddenly, tentacles. The transitioning was just pretty bad. The only transition that actually worked for me was when Winter Prince told the Old Man to look for the new commander and then the scene switches to Female Knight leaving Maou’s house. That’s the sort of obvious hint that actually works well for storytelling. It’d be a damn shame if the writers make a swerve and Female Knight doesn’t become commander and some random other woman soldier does. I’m also liking the prince. He comes off as this straight-forward, righteous but collected character. He shines even more because he’s currently not directly involved with Maou’s business. Actually, I’m getting more interested in his side of the story than Maou’s. He actually acts like there’s a huge problem that he needs to solve while Maou really only acts distressed in matters concerning her relationship with Hero. It’s not that I don’t like the romance aspect of the story. It’s just that the war should look like it actually means something to Maou. She’s been very chill about it since the start, really. Anyway, that’s all I gotta say for now.

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