Senran Kagura 4 – Lolis on Jets

I swear Lolis on Jets will be the plot of some crappy moe anime in the future.


Katsuragi beats Yagyuu in a game of Old Maid while riding on a boat because they’re headed to…

A super secret ninja vacation home located on a super secret ninja island where they will be doing their super secret ninja training. But first…

Kiriya forces the girls to clean up the old house as part of their training.

Hibari wipes the ceiling pillars and uncovers some text reading “Aim to be a SUPAH NINJA!”

Obligatory pseudo-fellatio scene. If you don’t know what fellatio is, please don’t Google it. I will not be held responsible for the loss of your innocence. Then again, you’re watching Booby Ninjas. You’re probably not innocent at all.

Hibari points out the text she found to Asuka. Asuka assumes some older ninja who used to live in the house wrote that text to inspire herself.

During dinner, HIbari asks Kiriya about the “super ninja”. Kiriya answers very vaguely as if hiding something.

Can’t have five girls sleeping in the same room without a pillow fight happening!

Just as Yagyuu was about to sleep, an image of a young girl flashes before her.

While Kiriya sees an image of his former student Rin.

The next day, Kiriya has his students spar in their swimsuits because in that state, their speed and ower increase while they drop all defense.

Apparently those combat swimsuits are different from regular swimsuits. Okay.

Kiriya gets a note vie an arrow shot telling him to wait for his precious student at the edge of a cliff.

Two Hebi Academy girls ambush Yagyuu, Hibari and Katsuragi.

Katsuragi loses to Hikage but Hikage retreats without seriously injuring Katsuragi.

Kiriya tells the girls that the Hebi Academy ninjas are after them, for a reason still unknown.

Outside, a mysterious bespectacled woman watches from afar.

Oh yeah. New ending theme featuring the snake academy girls.


I actually kinda liked this episode. Not just because Katsuragi went full lesbian on everybody either. It was livelier than the last episode and it didn’t try as hard to be serious. Senran Kagura is one of those anime that is at its best when it’s not trying to look like it has a serious story for the viewer. No, it doesn’t, but at least the writers know that. Now they can go ahead and focus on what the viewers are watching this show for: boobies. This episode had a lot of boobies too. Mostly courtesy of Katsuragi…Who’s voice annoys me to no end, by the way. It’s not giving off that energetic vibe I get from Katsuragi. Instead I hear some perverted old lady trying to act like a lesbian school girl. *Sigh* I’m going to have to bear with this terrible voice acting until the end of the season…The other girls sound fine and their voice actors are okay but God, I’d rather grind my nails to a chalk board than listen to Katsuragi speak. Anyway, this episode was particularly heavy with clichés. Oc course Katsuragi is typically the tomboy/lesbian of the group who regularly wears significantly less clothing than everyone else. Of course increasing attack and speed means sacrificing clothing for defense. Of course there’s going to be a pillow fight when there are five girls in a single bed room. Given, Senran Kagura was never quite the original anime to begin with, but this beach episode really went all out to play them clichés. Other good things about this episode aside from the abundance of fanservice: The narrator only appears once and for less than ten seconds too. I pretty much complained about in every episode of Senran Kagura I took up. He is steadily disappearing and that’s a good thing. Next, I’m liking how Kiriya actually has a part to play in the story, plus, he’s not at all playing the role of the perverted old man. He’s a pretty straight up character but he does appear in comedy segments and those are okay. They’re actually funny sometimes. Also, it seems Senran Kagura will be going into the characters’ personal conflicts two at a time. Last time, the show dealt with Asuka’s fear of frogs and Ikaruga’s insecurity about family. This time, it seems that the focus is on Yagyuu and Kiriya as well. It’s not like I’m expecting anything great of Senran Kagura’s story, but this seems to be the right pace for the anime. It leaves plenty of time for the fanservice which is pretty much the only reason people want to watch this show.

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