Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 4 – Too Big

You could feed a whole city with those.


Since arriving at Winter’s Pass village, Female Knight has replaced Hero as the sword fighting trainer.

Meanwhile, Maou prepares to negotiate with merchants from the Alliance.

This time, her secret weapon is corn, which would be easy to grow in the Central Nation.

She tells the merchants that selling corn would expand their guild significantly.

One of the merchants asks what Maou seeks in return. She tells them that she wants a  prompt end to the war with no victors or losers. Her statement startles the merchant as the Alliance has always been the biggest supporter of the human army.

The merchant signals for the men stationed outside to start moving.

Maou reminds the merchant that they both seek something to gain and that is the second most important thing to her. This lightens the mood as the merchant remembers that the Alliance taught them to be merchants before humans. In the end, Maou and the merchants come to an agreement.

The merchant signals his men outside to fall back.

Before leaving, the merchant asks what was the most important thing to Maou. She answers “love”. The merchant laughs and sees it as a  sign to propose to Maou. She outright rejects him but he wouldn’t be a merchant if he wasn’t stubborn!

Somewhere else, the Prince of a country tells the Old Man about potatoes and how he might align himself with the Convent and not the Central Nations perpetuating the war.

Head Maid dumps a bunch of paperwork from the Alliance on to Maou.

Maou expresses that she’s worried about Hero since he’s been gone for six months.

The only thing keeping them in touch are the letters Hero sends to Maou containing details of his adventures in the demon world.

Maou goes to bed while Head Maid checks the hearth. She finds Hero hiding in one of the cabinets.

Head Maid asks if Hero has been intentionally avoiding Maou.

Hero expresses that he feels useless beside Maou who is always busy with matters of economics, politics and education.

The next day, the Sister Maids talk about the New Year’s festival and who Maou might dance with there.

The Prince complains about having to send thousands of troops to Bright Light island because the Central Nations have ordered him to.

News about impending war reaches the ears of the young nobles and they get excited. Female Knight tells them that they are still inexperienced and that there are no good guys and bad guys in war.

After her lessons, she sits down and talks with Big Sister Maid who expresses her desire to take up sword fighting as well.

She’s grown a lot since becoming Maou’s maid and she’s been much more useful.

But she still asks herself if she’s human enough.


Well, everything I’ve been saying the past few episodes apply here as well. As usual, this episode is dialogue heavy but at least it’s not all coming out of Maou’s mouth unlike the past episodes. While Maou still dominated a lot of the dialogue, there were bits of the Prince, Head Maid, Hero and Big Sis Maid that kept the show from being too bland. The animation this time around seems more consistent yet still far from impressive. I just like the art style but I’ll be honest. There’s really not much to animate here. So how am I really enjoying Maou Yuusha now? Well, it’s starting to get boring and while I don’t hate it, I’m liking it less and less with each episode. There’s the whole matter with the pacing and how Hero’s adventures in the demon world were intentionally skipped. I get it, fantasy and adventure is’t the focus of this anime. It’s unique that way, but they could have at least put a little more into describing what Hero was doing. He found the Mage? When? How? Dammit. The show is steadily building up the merchants as one of the antagonists in this story. It’s not so overdone that they’re scheming little rats that laugh maniacally while revealing their dastardly plans. No, they’re seem to be the type that have their own priorities, things they see as important, and they will use any means necessary to carry out their operations. Obviously those dark hooded guys weren’t there to admire Maou’s garden. One thing I’ve been wondering about for a while now and even more so after this episode: Where does that one Prince fit in all this? He seems to have a good sense of what is right but he has had no contact with our main protagonists yet. Also, what’s going on with Big Sis? From what I can tell by the preview of the next episode, though, Hero mans up and returns to Maou. Finally! Enough of these romantic frustrations!

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One thought on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 4 – Too Big

  1. Nate

    I feel like this show is trying to replicate spice and wolf. The problem is, spice and wolf has already defeated this show in the music, and the action is also far more scarce in Maou yuusha. They took the idea of merchants and money and all that stuff from spice and wolf, but have failed to add anything else. If anything, the show centers on dialogue after dialogue, explaining how doing such and such will help earn money for villages. Like I’m supposed to care? Spice and wolf did that too, but the difference is that the main heroine, Horo, actually had a personality. She’d be right up in your face if you pissed her off, she’d tease you and make you fall for her, but then play hard to get, and all in all, she had a depth to her that is rare among female anime characters. This one is already “in love” with the hero from episode 1, and her personality is so incredibly bland that they had to give her huge tits to make up for it. So basically, unless you have an interest in economics and agriculture, I highly doubt this will be a memorable anime for anyone. At most, it’s one you watch to pass the time, but forget about it soon after.


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