Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 3 – Sasami’s Derp Face

Then again, this is SHAFT. Every face is a derp face.


Episode starts with a short tale about a rabbit who took advantage of a shark to cross a river.

Despite everyone abandoning him, the shark gets rewarded by  goddess. The shark vows to repay the godess’ kindness by-

We’ll never know because Broniichan interrupted Sasami’s story.

Sasami continues explaining things like how Kamiomi (Broniichan) doesn’t know that he has Amaterasu in him. Really, a lot of info dumping and I don’t really wanna get into that. Something about being a descendant of the first mortal who absorbed Amaterasu. How she escaped her temple and discovered the internet. Blah blah blah, go watch the anime dammit.

Anyway, while typing, Sasami suddenly grows a third arm.

Doesn’t matter. She get used to having it after a few days.

She next explains how back in Tsukuyomi temple, she was made to take drugs that would supress any desire to abuse the power of Amaterasu that he had before.

While the women are trained to protect Amaterasu’s power, the men serve the women which explains why Kamiomi is so devoted to pampering Sasami. When Sasami ran away again, he came along with her.

Sasami’s third arm suddenly starts typing things on its own.  It reveals that it is a manifestation of Sasami’s lost personality when she was being drugged. It apparently told Kamiomi that he now holds Amaterasu inside him. Kamiomi left for Tsukuyomi temple while Sasami was asleep.

Sasami tries to go after her brother but collapses when she steps outside.

Tsurugi appears just in time to save Sasami.

She brings Sasami to Tsukuyomi temple and reveals that she was the original Amaterasu.

Since she got fed up with godhood, she let others have her powers like the Tsukuyomi family and Tama, who is a new god and a part of Amaterasu.

Then there’s Kagami, making shrine jokes while destroying the shrine. She was a cursed part of Amaterasu that was taken in by some mad scientist who turned her into a living weapon. Tsurugi eventually took her in and she became the third sister.

Oh yeah, the Yagami sisters exist because of Sasami’s wishes to be protected.

They ask one of the shrine maidens about Kamiomi’s whereabouts.

She says that Kamiomi claimed he was Amaterasu but had zero divinity when they checked him and so he got kicked out.

It turns out, Amaterasu was still inside Sasami. Aware of her true power, Sasami is able to walk outside again after dispelling a curse by some evil god.


Well this was one imbalanced episode. The first part, while there was a little something going on along with the info dumping, was incredibly boring. I felt like they just took all the backstory and shoved in the first ten minutes. They couldn’t save it for the coming episodes? Did they have to dump all that in the first half of one episode? And it’s not like Sasami growing a third arm became such a big deal either. Nope. Just some SHAFTish antics in between more info dumping. At least the second half was full of life. There was all the pretty visuals and great action you’d exect from SHAFT but still being just as story relevant as the first half. I’d rather that the show take itself on this pace than the pace of the first half. Also, Kagami is pretty much the best thing going for this anime. There’s her soft-spoken voice in contrast to her sisters being so exaggerated and dramatic. There’s her random puns while fighting, and of course, there’s the fact that she’s freakin’ Iron Man in a school girl uniform. I woke up from the lulling effects of the first half when I saw Kagami dodging rockets and firing laser beams and destroying crap with her hammer. Awesome stuff. How am I liking the story so far? It’s cool. Despite how lazily presented the story is, I can tell that it’s pretty well thought out. I like how incest actually plays a part in the story and isn’t there just for horny otakus to fap over little sisters they’ll never have and I like how the role of gods becomes an excuse for this show to go all out crazy, By all means, I’d love this show to get insane, but I wish it would keep it’s plot in mind and actually present it in a way so that it actually matters to the viewers. Having Sasami just go on and on about it for ten straight minutes is not the way to make the plot matter to the viewers. At this point, I’d be watching to see what Kagami would do next more than anything else.

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