Senran Kagura 3 – It’s Not What You Think!

What the hell kind of back rub is that?!


Yomi traps Ikaruga and Asuka in a Shinobi Barrier and mocks Ikaruga assuming she’s from a wealthy family.

Ikaruga transforms to fight Yomi but is swiftly overpowered and defeated.

On the way home, Asuka asks about Ikaruga’s family but she ignores her question.

Hanzo decides Ikaruga’s punishment for coming into contact with outsiders. He makes her give him a massage that totally doesn’t  have any perverted implications behind it.

Asuka takes over for Ikaruga. Ikaruga is then approached by Kiriya who wants to talk in private.

Meanwhile, Hanzo notices how close Yagyuu and HIbari are and asks if they bathe together. Not storyline relevant. Just wanted to post this screencap.

Kiriya tells Ikaruga that her family contacted him about her brother that recently went missing.

Ikaruga senses a strange presence as she was about to join the others.

She reminisces about the time she was adopted into the family and received the family heirloom that should have gone to her delinquent brother, Murasame.

Ikaruga find her brother who sneaked into her room to steal the family heirloom.

Ikaruga quickly disposes his brother by dumping him into the sewers.

Murasame emerges from the sewers to and finds Hanzo waiting for him. Hanzo tells him to leave the Shinobi lifestyle and return to his father who wants him as a businessman.

The next day, the girl go out for training.

Katsuragi notices that Ikaruga has been in a foul mood all day long.

They almost get into a fight when Asuka arrives with her Futomaki.

Hanzo reminds Ikaruga of her responsibilities as the group leader.

Ikaruga brings Asuka to a waterfall for more frog training.

She pretends to leave for a while and drops a boulder on Asuka and a frog. Asuka risks her life to save the frog and conquers her fear of them.

She tries out her newfound abilities and comes out much more powerful.

Kiriya congratulates Ikaruga and asks how she did it. She answers that she took advantage of Asuka’s unconditional kindness.

Back in the big bad guy’s evil lair, Hikage and Mirai are assigned next to attack the Hanzo academy girls.


By my standards for Senran Kagura, this was a pretty good episode. Sure, the fight between Yomi and Ikaruga was too one-sided and too short but I like how most of the episode went out. I think the focus on Ikaruga was done well. While a lot of the events of the episode weren’t exactly family related, they still managed to tie everything together on the theme of family. Even Asuka’s frog dilemma went in a way that the idea of family members being there to support each other was involved. In the end, this episode’s story hit two birds with one stone. One thing I didn’t really like about the story was Ikaruga’s back story and her brother. There’s nothing new about a child being adopted into a powerful family to replace their incompetent heir which leads to the incompetent heir trying to exact revenge. It’s been done before and it was very predictable and it really went nowhere. How Hanzo just popped up out of nowhere with no indication that he had knowledge of Murasame’s whereabouts was just bad. Even worse, Murasam just seemed to take this random old man’s advice and forgets about getting back at Ikaruga and returns home. For what the writers did right with the episode’s theme of family, it’s countered by how horrible this part of the story was. So what? Do we see Murasame again or is he going to disappear forever in Happily Ever After Land? Another thing, the super evil group of super evil ninja’s still lack  screen time. How they’re only shown in the end plotting their evil scheming their evil plots is just so clichéd. Well that’s it for now.

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