Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 2 – Typical SHAFT

Whatever, SHAFT. Whatever.


Sasami is writing a report on the gods and how lesser gods exist in everyday objects while they serve the more powerful gods like Amaterasu who used to reside in Sasami but is now in her brother.

Speaking of her brother, he just beat Tsurugi in a game of Jenga when Tsurugi notices that most of the class is missing.

Kagami explains that everyone’s playing Yamata No Orochi SNS. A social online game that suddenly got popular three years ago.

Looking to investigate, Tsurugi barges in Sasami’s room and gets herself, her sisters and Broniichan to play Orochi.

Tsurugi asks if Sasami ever played the game. She lies and says she never bothered to try it. Tsurugi gets lucky in character creation and gets a special class: delinquent.

Annoyed by her uninvited guests, Sasami tries to disrupt their game time by “accidentally” spilling Red Bull on the internet router.

Luckily, Kagami comes with a built-in internet router.

Sasami next turns on all the appliances looking to cause a short-circuit or something.

It works and the power goes out, except they were playing on laptops so it did nothing to stop them.

Broniichan takes too long in character creation and is forced to play the loser class.

Tsurugi eating potato chips on her laptop and messing with her manga collection gets Sasami annoyed even more.

Broniican gets killed in-game and the three sisters are brought into an erotic nursing minigame.

Sasami finally loses it and kills her own brother in-game, revealing her character in Orochi.

Tsurugi pauses to scold Sasami for skipping school to play video games despite the fact that she’s been doing that for more than three years.

Tama, being the elementary school girl that she is, asks Tsurugi to accompany her to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Kagami and Broniichan continue playing.

Kagami suddenly finds everyone in the classroom killed. She points this out to Sasami and Broniichan.

Suddenly, Kagami faints and appears in-game.

Sasami and Broniichan appear in the game with Kagami. It turns out that Orochi in the game is consuming the souls of dead players.

Tsurugi and Tama appear as well. Tsurugi explains that the Orochi they’re looking at is the product of Sasami’s wishes back when she had Amaterasu’s power. Yamata No Orochi SNS was going to be shut down but three years ago, around the same time Sasami became a NEET, it suddenly got popular in accordance to the lesser gods granting Sasami’s wish. With its popularity, Yamata No Orochi SNS was saved from cancellation.

Sasami owns up, and orders the game to stop.

The game, recognizing Sasami’s powers, follows her order and deletes itself.

Sasami regains consciousness only to fall asleep in her bed.


Anything that made this anime unique in the first episode was just thrown out the window. Instead of having that water-color style I thought the show would carry out, Sasami-san looked like Madoka Magica or Bakemonogatari in this episode. That’s not a bad thing. Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magica looked great, but they just screamed SHAFT. I was hoping SHAFT wouldn’t make this so SHAFT-ish but alas, SHAFT did. This episode had none of the action the first episode did and quickly plummeted to mediocrity. Usually the second episode of an anime would at least be half as good-looking as the first but that wasn’t the case here. This might as well have been a filler episode in the middle of the season. If anything, the episode does put out some plot related info such as how gods work in this anime and how the Tsukuyomi siblings are involved with them. It’s a really interesting concept and I really hope that the show would play on it better than what it did in this episode. This episode was really more about Sasami getting annoyed by the Yagami sisters more than anything else. If I could cut out all the stuff I would deem unimportant, I’d be left with like ten minutes of footage. I really don’t even know what the writers even hoped to achieve in those scenes. They weren’t funny, not to me at least, and it’s not like those scenes sold the girls to the moe fanboys. Unless there are moe fanboys who like annoying red heads. *sigh*

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