Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 3 – Head Maid, What Are You Doing?

I don’t think breast inspection was part of her job description.


It’s been three months since Maou and Hero moved to the Winter’s Pass Village. Their new agriculture scheme is already bearing fruit (or vegetable).

Maou and Hero see the sisters have been fitting with the townsfolk lately.

Head Maid asks if anything “interesting” happened and is disappointed when Maou tells her that there was nothing in particular.

Hero brings Maou to the Lakeside Country where a convent is located.

They’re welcomed in the convent and are brought to a room while they wait for the head of the convent. Hero tells Maou that she’s had a frowning look on her lately.

Before Hero could go further, the head nun enters and it turns out to be the Knight of Hero’s old party and she’s royally pissed at him abandoning his group.

She slaps Hero in the face but Maou steps in to bring the situation under control.

Knight tells hero that after the news of his death, his party was rewarded with money but she did not accept it. Meanwhile, the old man took the money and now works at an intel group.

The Mage, on the other hand, went looking for Hero and was not heard of since.

Maou brings the discussion back to her negotiations with the convent. She presents her secret weapon: potatoes! Potatoes can grow in even poor soil and cold weather which could really benefit the poor and the starving.

Maou asks that in return, the convent reach out to the other villages and spread knowledge and learning.

Knight agrees to Maou’s conditions and tells her that she will move to Winter’s Pass as well. Hero feels some tension between the two.

On the way home, Hero asks why Maou’s been locker herself in her room a lot lately. She brings up the Alliance, a merchant group with power and influence to rival the king himself.

Hero remembers them because they paid him to do some propaganda speeches.

Maou, under the alias of a Crimson Scholar, sent them her invention, a new kind of compass.

Learning that it came from the Winter’s Pass, and that the village is now cooperating with the convent, the merchants figure that they have to find a way to monopolize the sale of the new compass.

Back in the village, Big Sis gets praised by one of the hunters for coming so far considering her past. Remembering only caused Big Sis to feel troubled.

At night, Maou catches Hero secretly packing his things.

Hero tells Maou that he’s off to find the Mage. Maou shows him a set of demon’s armor and tells him to take care of a few things while he’s in the demon world.

She looks at Hero longingly. Hero knows what she’s looking for but he acts reluctant.

Maou sighs in disappointment. She tells Hero that Head Maid pointed it out to her that their relationship has been idle for months.

Hero tries to compensate with a kiss on the forehead before leaving for the demon world.


Another good episode, though not as much as the previous. Maou Yuusha continues to make good use of its time moving forward with the plot while giving just the right amount of focus on the other characters like the maid sisters and the Hero’s former party. I’m liking how this show has a consistent ratio between focus on the economic/political side of the plot and focus on Hero and Maou’s romance. This time around, Hero wasn’t as great a boyfriend he was in the previous episode. Really, Maou carried the whole episode herself while Hero was tripping on his own feet pretty much. He didn’t have the same confident, easy-going vibe he had before. I kind of understand since he reunites with his old friend who only has harsh words for him and this threw him off his game and it shows. What I like about this show is that it doesn’t resort to the characters giving internal monologues. Hero didn’t go “I have to save the Mage, but what would happen to Maou when I leave her?”. No, he was never shown thinking to himself. His mannerisms were what showed that he was troubled. The same goes for Maou, the whole episode gives hints to Maou having some problems herself and it comes out in the end when she tells Hero that she’s not satisfied with the way things are between them. Overall, another decent step forward for the show. I expect things to get livelier now that the Female Knight and the Alliance are involved.

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