Senran Kagura 2 – The Squid Makes Sense Now

Among other things…


The girls make their way to school one early morning.

Ikaruga remembers Kiriya saying that the puppets may be the work of someone out to get them.

Ikaruga, Katsuragi and Yagyuu practice their Summoning Technique.

Kiriya tells Asuka and Hibari to try summoning their own animal spirit.

Hibari volunteers to go first and summons a giant pink rabbit.

Asuka tries her hardest but can’t conjure anything.

After training, Ikaruga gives Asuka a little pep talk in the shower.

Asuka remembers her grandfather who is a legendary ninja.

Kiriya pops up to tell the girls that they must avoid outside contact from now on.

On the way home, Katsuragi accidentally knocks Asuka to a tree and a frog falls into her breasts. Turns out, Asuka has a fear of frogs.

While everyone’s already asleep, Asuka browses around animal books looking for a possible animal spirit but settles with nothing.

The girls find a sushi counter in their room the next day.

Asuka’s grandfather comes out to see Asuka. He is Hanzou, the legendary ninja and their academy’s namesake.

Hanzou makes his signature futomaki for the girls while looking to talk to Asuka.

He tells Asuka that their lineage has an established animal spirit and unfortunately for Asuka, it’s a frog.

Hanzou and Kiriya get Asuka to train by making the girls hunt for frogs.

As hard as Asuka tries, she can’t get over her fear of frogs.

Meanwhile, in the obviously evil lair of the obviously evil final boss, Yomi is assigned to attack the Hanzou Academy girls.

Hanzou and Kiriya meet in secret to discuss the Hebi Academy girls who are probably the ones after the Hanzou Academy girls.

The girls bring the frogs to their room and unfortunately, some get into Ikaruga’s clothes.

Ikaruga and Asuka go to the market to buy food for dinner and Asuka meets a girl complaining about bean sprouts. Ikaruga pulls Asuka out reminding her that they’re not allowed to make outside contact.

The girl turns out to be Yomi who challenges the two girls to a fight.


Wasn’t expecting anything less of Senran Kagura. Then again, wasn’t expecting anything more either. Once again, the show goes with the fanservice-comedy-action priorities but it’s not as great this time around. Why? Frogs. I f*cking hate frogs. “Frogs in girls boobs” is not sexy! Frogs are just…Eww. Hey! That’s something I can commend Senran Kagura for though. Asuka is afraid of frogs and legitimately acts like it. She screams as if she’s actually scared and doesn’t go “Kyaaa~” or anything. She actually screams. The rest of the acting though, is your typical anime acting. I find a lot of the aspects this episode to be much weaker than the last. Naturally because the first episode is always the one producers go all out for but this second episode really feels subpar. It’s not as funny. Katsuragi’s perverted antics feel even more forced (especially with the bunny suit thing). The narrator is even worse now. I would really prefer it if the characters were the ones talking about important plot point not some random off-screen guy with the most generic narrator voice ever. Action? There was barely any. Just some pseudo-action with Ikaruga, Katsuragi and Yagyuu showing off their Summoning Techniques. There was barely any time given for making the antagonists’ presence be felt. Hey, the protagonists are a bunch of big boobed high school girls too. You’d think they would get a little more screen time. At least the animation is more consistent. It’s still average quality but at least its consistent now. The weird thing is the show only looked awesomely good in the last scene with Yomi pointing her crossbow at the two girls. Why can’t the quality be that good more often?

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