Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 2 – It’s All About the Money

Really obvious CG money.


Two girls run away from their home at night.

Back to our protagonists, Maou and Hero teleport to the human world and then to a village in the countryside.

Maou already has a home prepared for them. They meet her head maid, Head Maid.

Head Maid explains that she told the village elder that Maou is a noble and a scholar studying agriculture.

Maou prepares to call it a night and tells Head Maid to tell the demons that she fought the Hero and retreated to heal herself while the Hero has been slain. That way, Maou is given more time to accomplish her mission in the human world.

The next day, Maou and Hero inspect the feels. Maou feels that it would be beneficial for the village to implement a four stage cycle where different crops are grown on each plot of land and pigs raised in those plots to provide natural fertilizer.

They try to negotiate with the village elder but find him to be more hard-headed than expected. Maou feels that education is another aspect that needs to be worked on.

They return home and rest by the fireplace. Maou coyly asks Hero to sit beside her.

She gets all flustered but all she wanted was for Hero to rest on her lap, which he does without hesitation.

Maou leans closer for a kiss and Hero let’s her. Before their lips can come into contact though, they hear a horse’s wail and they rush to check the stables.

In there, they find the two runaway sisters.

Head Maid enters the scene and tells the others that they’re slaves who escaped their masters. She They’re nothing more than insects. She advises Maou to report them the next day.

Maou corrects her and says that they’re serfs, servants who are allowed to own possessions and live with family unlike slaves. She tells Head Maid to prepare food and clothes for them.

After eating, the big sister thanks Maou and pleads that she not report them.

Head Maid comes in and berates the sisters. The little sister defends her sister by saying that they had it hard running away and that they’ll reach their destination eventually.

Head Maid reminds the sisters that what they’re doing is taking advantage of her lord’s kindness. She calls them insects and she hates insects and she refuses to call them human.

Big Sis looks up at Head Maid and apologizes and asks Maou if she could take them in as maids so they could be made human.

Maou takes them in and educates them on writing and math.

One day, Lil Sis visits Hero while he’s off hunting. Hero admits that he feels useless compared to Maou as all he can do it fight.

Meanwhile, Maou is holding a class for nobles and Big Sis on the economics of war.

She asks one to recall the Crusade of the Holy Key which brings her to her point that war requires both financial support and the support of the people.

One of her students argues that money has little to do with war. No one is starving since everyone is being taken care of by the nobles. Big Sis asks the others if they’ve ever felt starvation. Everyone is just stunned silent.

Hero finds Maou by the stairs. She expresses that she’s having a difficult time educating the nobles.

Hero accompanies Maou to the village elder’s house where her classes take place.

She says that word about her lecture has been spreading. She tells Hero that she’s still got an ace up her sleeve.


Another episode full of info and dialogue. I do think this was better handled than the first episode though. All the info was easier to take in as they came in much more appropriate doses and in between are plot relevant events that keep me interested in the show. This time around, we’re introduced to three new characters, Head Maid and the two sisters. Then there’s that mysterious box Maou had at the end of the show. Speaking of Maou, I kind of liked all these romantic gestures she made to Hero. It’s cute, but not generic moe cute. It’s still pretty iffy that they’re “lovers” right off the bat but there’s still room for progress as shown by how Maou acts around Hero. Hero on the other hand, thankfully has initiative. He didn’t come off as the oblivious type and at the same time he wasn’t too assertive. I like this dynamic. It kind of feels like Nagisa and Tomoya from Clannad. All of these just make me want to see the next episode a little more. Moving on, there’s less fanservice (wobbling boobies) around, which is good. I’d like to believe that ARMS, the studio behind this anime, is trying to break out of the “ecchi anime studio” that they’ve been typecasted as. Finally, there’s really only one thing that bothered me this episode and it’s that the anime already took a hit in terms of animation quality. The characters are pretty static enough but I already see those animation shortcuts such as zooming out the scene so characters don’t have to appear detailed. Ah well, so far there’s no action anyway (and will there ever be?). The animation quality should definitely step up when things get livelier.

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