Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 1 – Too Much Chocolate

Feels like I’m gonna get Diabetes…


Sasami receives a delivery. It’s a box of chocolate.

Her brother comes home and fondly asks her sister what she’d like for dinner.

Sasami gets her bro to feed her.

She also gets him to scrub her back. During her bath, her bro asks if she’d like to go back to school. She rejects all his offers.

Bro leaves Sasami in her room and she tunrs on the TV and que the intro music!

It’s morning. Bro is about to leave for school. Sasami hands him the box of chocolate and he realizes it’s Valentine’s Day. He almost opens the box but Sasami insists that he only open it for lunch.

Bro leaves the house. Sasami boots her computers and starts spying on her brother.

Bro runs into Tama who is being a frog because there are no frogs. She’s also hungry so Bro gives her the box Sasami gave him.

This irks Sasami and she dresses up and prepares to go outside.

Except she almost faints the moment she steps outside.

Sasami wakes up. It’s noon. Bro is with Tsurugi in the faculty room. She asks if bro ever had chocolate for Valentine’s and he says no. Tsurugi pops a chocolate in his mouth so she could be the first and then acts all Tsundere about it.

Sasami gets irked again. Tries to go out again and almost faints. Again.

Sasami wakes up. She turns on her monitors and finds Bro doing the Hare Hare Yukai while talking to Kagami in the library.

The other sisters also show up. Tama apparently thought that Bro was proposing to her. Only then did Bro realize that giving chocolate to loved ones is Valentine’s tradition.

Sasami figures that it’s not too late to buy her brother another box of chocolate. She goes online but finds out that everything is now chocolate related.

Outside, the entire world is being enveloped by chocolate.

The three sisters take action. Tama uses some kind of force field to “eat” the chocolate.

While Kagami is a freakin’ terminator who makes bad chocolate puns.

Tsurugi orders the others to head for the Tsukuyomi house and they all dash through the chocolate city.

They get there. Tsurugi orders Kagami to turn everything back to normal and Tsurugi takes up a prayer position.

Bro comes home, not noticing the chocolate but she does see a chocolate statue of Sasami on her bed and he gets excited.

Sasami breaks out of the chocolate mold and delivers a flying knee to the face to her brother.

Then she finds the three Yagami sisters hiding beside her bed and she grabs a bat to shoo them away.

Someone rings the doorbell as the episode ends.

Hey! End-show art!


Well this was…weird. Should’ve expected this form SHAFT. They are responsible for Bakemonogatari and Madoka after all. It’s unpredictable really. Right now, I can’t tell if this show is going to be absurdly ingenious or just downright nonsensical. That’s SHAFT for you. What I can say right now is that it’s impressive in terms of production quality. Both the visuals and the music are unique but really something enjoyable. I love how everything looks water colored and yet in contrast, the characters still look sharp. The music is a good mix of uncommon genres. In this episode alone, I heard some jazz, rock and roll and the kind of pop you hear in those charming little Japanese commercials. This episode started real quirky instantly displaying the unrealistic characteristics of Sasami’s brother. Sasami herself is also a less than normal. Hell, everyone in this show is. The charm of the show, though, started to wear off towards the middle with Sasami fainting twice but just as I was about to call myself bored, boom. Chocolate. The show gets even weirder. Now evil chocolate takes over the world and the Yagami sisters unleash their super powers to counter the chocolate. This show does a good job of keeping my attention while making absolutely no sense and I quite enjoy it. I don’t feel like pretending to be a literary critic is going to work here. Hey, as long as it’s not “generic moe slice-of-life anime #69”, I’m all for watching it. Sure, the focus is on all the girls and they’re all cute but this is definitely not slice-of-life and this is definitely not generic. Whether it’s going to be good, though, remains to be seen. Right now, it’s interesting to say the least.

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