First Impressions: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 1 – Really Big Plot

You know what else is really big in this show? Castles. They got big castles here too.


In this world, demons and humans are at war with each other, invading each others’  territory and killing each others’  people.

A group of heroes rise up to fight the Demon King!

Buuuut, their hero, Hero, decides to rush to the Demon King’s castle and take him on by himself.

He finally enters the Demon King’s lair and draws his blade and comes at him.

Only to find a pair of breasts at his face.

The Demon King who is actually a woman courteously introduces herself.

Hero is shocked to discover that the Demon King is a woman. The Demon King, let’s call her Maou from here on out, explains that “Demon King” is only a title and she is the 43rd king. She even has the seal (between her breasts) to prove it.

Maou asks the Hero to be hers but he refuses.

He tells her that he’s seen many lives claimed by the war between the demons and humans. Cut into a scene where one of the Hero’s allies calls him a stupid virgin for abandoning her.

Maou hands Hero a scroll detailing the benefits of war and who benefits from them.

Cut into a scene where some businessmen toast for all the profit they’re making off the war.

Another scene where a prince asks his father why the war must continue. His father answers that without the war, they would not recieve food and rations and their people would starve.

Maou and Hero move their conversation to the dinner table.

Maou points out that while everyone else is struggling over the war, the Central Nations are kept secure as long as they send aid to the other nations fighting the war.

Maou hands Hero a lamp that reveals the holder’s thoughts.

They’re brought to a memory of the Hero where he’s at a ball at a child and it doesn’t seem like there’s a war going on. Maou explains that if it weren’t for this war, many of the rich would be out of business.

And even if they’re making a profit, the state of agriculture in the human world hasn’t changed. Cut into a scene where people are burning down a mother’s house because her daughter contracted a deadly disease.

Another scene with the hero’s allies thinking about what to do with the Hero disappeared and all.

Maou tells Hero that either way, whether they win or lose, humanity will perish.

She holds he lamp and brings them to a beautiful scene of grassy hills and a river. She tells the Hero that this is the kind of place she wants to see when the war is over.

Maou pleads once again for the Hero to be hers. He refuses again.

Maou sits down and offers herself as a trade off.

As Demon King, it’s her task to determine when to end the war and she needs the Hero to be able to end it.

She offers herself but she feels she’s not attractive to males since she’s on the flabby side a bit.

Hero eventually accepts Maou’s offer and she puts her hand on her face as he tells her that he belongs to her.

Hero and Maou exchange a show of resolve as they prepare to go on their journey.

Maou accidentally gets  a hold of the lamp and it shows her practicing her kissing on a burlap sack made to look the hero.

Also her horns were only an accessory. The End.

Now enjoy this GIF of Maou bouncing around.


Pretty mixed reaction about this first episode. Unlike most firsts, this one starts with A LOT of dialogue. Usually, studios would spend their first episodes putting out something flashy and visually impressive but Maou Yuusha started pretty simple. It wasn’t bad at all though. From what I saw, I really like the presentation and the art style and for the first episode, animation quality has been consistent. The characters, I’m liking the main characters so far. The Hero looks like your typical male lead with the baby face and the black hair and all but he doesn’t seem like a sissy. Sure, he was avoiding Maou’s boobs like the plague but I get that he wasn’t expecting the final boss to have boobs. After all that, he acted pretty normally towards Maou. And it’s not like he’s not in Kirito’s level of being a Mary Sue either. Then again, it’s still too early to tell. Maou on the other hand is a pleasant little thing. While she’s, for the most part, cheery and smiling she did show that she’s not completely flawless and she does have moments of weakness. I like how awkward she got when she said she would offer herself to the Hero. Still, at times, she doesn’t seem to possess the maturity expected of a queen. She talks big and comes off as reasonable and wise but occasionally, she acts like your typical anime teenage girl. I can’t say much about the other characters so far, though. At least I don’t see a problem yet unlike the first time I saw Sugou and I instantly labelled him a generic evil antagonist. Overall, Maou Yuusha seems to be a promising show. Dialogue heavy, but none of that is wasted on trivial matters. Everything said seems to be important. Obviously there’s a plot and the first episode does a good job establishing it. Fanservice? There’s Maou’s huge breasts but apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be much else. Hopefully the show doesn’t spend too much time focusing on Maou’s bouncing breasts.

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