Medaka Box Abnormal 12 – Presented in Technicolor (Final Episode)

Also doesn’t have Medaka in it.


The show starts meta with Anshinin thankning everyone for watching Medaka Box Abnormal.

Sincce Gainax was being stupid, the main arc actually ended already so now the last episode has to be filled with something else. So now episode 12 is going to be about the new antagonist, Kumagawa!

Good Loser Kumagawa starts with Kumagawa’s friend Saki running late for class.

She arrives in time but suddenly! Her hair turns yellow!

She cries to student council president Kumagawa who’s enjoying his weekly Shounen Jump.

She thinks that it was done by Ezumachi, a student kicked out of school by the former president Jakago.

Ezumachi has the Abnormal ability to manipulate colors, which explains why Kumagawa’s issue of Shounen Jump is in full color.

They find Ezumachi in the art room typically enough.

Ezumachi reveals that he moved out of school for Jagako’s sake and wasn’t actually kicked out. Kumagawa provokes Ezumachi by saying that he (literally) screwed Jakago.

Ezumachi thorws several knives at Kumagawa but hits no vital organs.

Kumagwa uses his All Fiction to undo the damage done to the painting.

Ezumachi uses his Color of Beauty to make Kumagawa think he has bruises. This causes Kumagawa’s body to react by fainting.

So with another loss, Kumagawa ends up with Anshinin again who tells him about considering Ezumachi’s skill for her.

Kumagawa comes to inside the student council room and Saki’s hair goes back to normal.

Kumagawa valiantly swears that he cannot let someone with the power to change the color of panties at will to run loose!

Someone forgot to wear her shirt today, and her socks…and her panties.

The school is in chaos because of Ezumachi changing its colors.

Short flashback of Ezumachi leaving the school becuase his power clashes with Jakago’s.

Back to the present, Ezumachi finds Kumagawa and Saki confronting him outside the school.

Ezumachi tries to turn Kumagawa blue again but Kumagawa uses All Fiction to make blue nonexistent.

He slowly renders Ezumachi’s Abnormal powers useless by removing colors one by one.

Everything eventually turns black and white and now the show looks like an animated manga.

Ezumachi is left with his knives. He tries to attack Kumagawa but Kumagawa drives his screws through him.

At least Ezumachi managed to hit Kumagawa’s eye this time.


Wow, okay this was a totally different episode of Medaka Box and in a good way. The thing is, Medaka Box Abnormal, for the most part happened in a tower. Going back to a school setting is really refreshing since it seems more natural to Medaka Box’s bright art style. I think this episode really did a good job on showing who Kumagawa really is. Kumagawa isn’t generic evil. He’s not a psycho. He’s not an ambitious terrorist. He’s this boy who’s pretty much just like any boy except he draws in so much negativity around him at the same time emanating such negativity. He was all smiles this episode. You wouldn’t have thought he was such a bad guy. He did have his dark moments though, a reminder that this guys is the next antagonist. I also liked how the episode progressed, that as it went on, the dark nature of Kumagawa was being exposed more and more. In the end, we see him impale Ezumachi in a brutal, and unheroic manner. And yet he still smiles like a normal kid. That is Kumagawa right there. So yes, I enjoyed this episode very much.

On the other hand, I can’t say the same about all of Medaka Box. The show is your run-of-the-mill Shounen anime and it had all the cliches a Shounen anime would have. Medaka is a protagonist I really can’t relate to. She’s overly idealistic and overly perfect. The thing with Medaka Box is, it’s not told from her point of view, rather it is told with Medaka as a central theme. Most of the time, you’d hear the thoughts of Zenkichi or the other council members. It’s easier to relate to them because they’re more “human” than Medaka. Still, hearing “Medaka this” and “Medaka that” can get annoying at some point. Also, it has that “Good start, crap middle, good finish” thing that most anime have, only the start was pretty crappy as well. I’d say it only got good after Akune’s fight. Before that, it was Shounen Jump cliches galore! So much talking while fighting! Compared to the first season, it definitely has a lot more plot to it though and at least most fights were handled better than Medaka’s fight with Unzen. On a positive note, I can see Medaka Box slowly getting better as it moves on to the Kumagawa arc but at this point, it’s definitely not going to be a memorable classic. Final verdict: Pretty mediocre show. Not really going to have a lasting impression on most people but it really sticks to its genre so it probably appeals most to the same crowd into Shounen anime.

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2 thoughts on “Medaka Box Abnormal 12 – Presented in Technicolor (Final Episode)

  1. Scrapper

    I know that you hate mixing wrestling into your anime reviews but this comparison is too good to pass up. Kumagawa is the CM Punk of the anime in that he does so much hard work to be front and center but is always shoved to the side by Medaka. Like CM Punk he does all sorts of amazing things that would normally be considered best in the world but Medaka ruins it by being the perfect white knight that she is.

  2. Daniel

    In my opinion, these are one of those shows/manga that get much better, later in the series; particularly when Kumagawa shows up. At the start, it was your standard cliche slice of life and then became your standard shonen. What I’m trying to say is that you have to give things some time to get better. I remember when I couldn’t stand the manga. But I burrowed through all the dirt and shit and eventually surfaced on some original gold.


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