Sword Art Online 25 – And So It Ends…(Final Episode)

At least I got to see Lizbeth one last time…


Kazuto makes it to the hospital, but then a wild Sugou appears!

Sugou has a knife and has every reason to kill Kazuto after what that bastard kid did to him.

Kazuto overpowers the already disabled Sugou and sadistically puts his knife on his neck, ready to kill him.

Kazuto remembers how Sugou took care of Asuna in ALO and tried to stop Kirito from stealing her away from him.

The evil Kazuto decides to show mercy and let Sugou live so he can watch as he NTRs Asuna.

Okay, back to what really happened. Kazuto finds Asuna awake in her room and the two seal their happy reunion with a kiss.

Kirito sees their SAO avatars walking away holding hands.

Some time later, Kazuto and Asuna are studying in the same school for the SAO victims. They talk about the recent events.

Asuna’s father retires and Sugou was brought to prison for his crimes after one of his subordinates ratted him out.

The players that Sugou abducted managed to recover eventually.

Meanwhile, online games have been bashed by the mainstream media.

Kayaba is apparently dead. The Kayaba that gave Kirito The Seed was actually an image created by him.

Somewhere not too far, Lizbeth is spying on them. Liz and Silica swore a month’s truce to leave Asuna and Kazuto alone. Also, they discuss plans for the get together later.

Kazuto and Asuna walk to Egil’s bar while Sugu trails behind them.

Everyone from SAO reunites with Kazuto being the last to arrive.

The whole get together was actually a celebration of Kirito completing SAO.

Kazuto, Klein and Thinker sit down for a chat when Egil brings up The Seed which Kazuto had him analyzed.

Apparently The Seed was a program allowing users to create virtual worlds such as SAO. With that, the online game industry got back on its feet.

Back in ALO, Leafa tries to break the altitude barrier but fails because only Kirito is allowed to be that awesome.

Kirito catches Leafa on her way down.

Leafa tells Kirito that she knows an advance technique. Really, she just sprinkles sparkly dust and dances around with him.

Kirito brings Leafa to Aincard which he brought back so he could completely finish SAO.

All the other players gather with him including Asuna and her new look.

Kirito mouths something to them and off they fly off into a new world.


Well, that’s it. It’s over. I’m not gonna be watching any SAO any time soon. What am I saying? Am I glad it’s over? Well, yes. I didn’t hate the show or anything but I felt that it really needed to end already. And it got the ending it deserved. If you’re going to ask me about SAO, I’ll tell you that I liked it, but it was still pretty bad. I’m going to repeat myself for the thousandth time when I say that Sword Art Online is one of the best looking anime in a while but it comes up short in terms of plot. I thought that way about it since day one and nothing much has changed now. Sword Art Online has godly visuals. The worlds of SAO and ALO are beautiful and the character designs, while stereotypical for anime, looked pretty good. The music was also great and was always so appropriate for the scenes they played in and lastly, the action. Sword Art Online is billed as an action show and not only did it deliver, it impressed. The anime took it’s action several steps higher than what a typical action show would do. Now where it falls short…is pretty much everything to do with the actual story. The plot is simple enough to follow and enjoy, but it’s nothing that blew my mind. It was a collection of established cliches. It had the online game setting, the battle royale premise, the harem, the little sister, the incest, the NTR, the hot-blooded young male protagonist and his damsel in distress. All of these have been done so many times before that I’ve lost my taste for them. And it’s not like Sword Art Online did anything creative with these cliches either. Madoka had that cliche ensemble of young girls given magical abilities but it gave it a dark twist which is why it’s been deemed as one of the modern greats. It was the same cheese that I had eaten so many times before but what made it different was that this was cheese cooked in a unique way. While most magical girl anime were your standard blocks of cheese, Madoka was melted cheese. It was the same thing but it tasted and felt different and in that way, it tasted better. Sword Art Online isn’t melted cheese. It’s just cheese with a whole load of other ingredients like vinegar and chocolate thrown in. Let that sink in for a moment…Just don’t try to imagine how that would taste. What I’m saying is that to become something “new”, Sword Art Online didn’t play on old concepts creatively like Madoka did. It took a bunch of old cliches and put it all together to create this one thing where all cliches are present like never before. I think that’s why Sword Art Online got so popular too. When an anime has all these things that people tend to like in anime, of course it would get popular. It doesn’t matter if there were some holes in its plot. Doesn’t matter if the pacing was confusing. Doesn’t matter if characters were two-dimensional and generic. Sword Art Online is an anime with fantasy, action and romance and a lot people love fantasy, action and romance so it’s only natural for a lot of people to like Sword Art Online. I’m not entirely like those people though. I enjoy my fair share of fantasy, action and romance but that can only go so far for me. If you asked me about which anime I would consider the best of all time, I’d easily answer Ghost in the Shell. Not only did it play on the popular cliches of its time (robots and babes with guns), it played on them creatively like how Madoka played on the magical girl concept. The robots became a focal point in GitS’s plot as it dealt with the themes of cyberization. Motoko looked like a Playboy model but she had a back story that was explored and she got beaten, bruised and torn apart like an actual soldier would. Not only that, but it took on very political themes. That wasn’t so often done back then and it still isn’t so often done today either. All that, and it was graphically superior to all other anime at the time like how SAO is graphically superior to most anime these days. Enough about GitS and back to SAO. Bottom line: If you’re looking for soemthing new, something you don’t often find in anime, you’ll be disappointed in SAO, but if you just want to enjoy some fantasy, action and romance, I  would say Sword Art Online is a good anime for that.


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