Medaka Box Abnormal 11 – Finally Looking Like a Gainax Anime

But where the hell was Oudo’s giant mecha?


Oudo brings everyone to the final level.

The final level is full of supercomputers necessary for the research of the Flask Plan.

Oudo tells Medaka that thousands of people have staked their lives on the Flask Plan. He proposes a compromise that she should join the Flask Plan and Oudo ensures that no one will be victimized by it.

Medaka argues that a perfect person is not perfect at all since he lacks imperfections. She remembers this from a boy named Kumagawa years ago.

Koga steps up offended by Medaka putting down the Flask Plan when she got herself turned into a cyborg for it. She challenges Medaka to another fight.

Oudo suddenly grabs Koga by the back and sends his EMP shocks at her.

He reveals that he has another Abnormality, Unreasonable Taxation which means he can steal the Abnormality of others.

Oudo uses Koga’s strength to attack Medaka.

Naze shows some sincere shock and sadness seeing her friend almost killed like that.

Medaka recovers and enters War God mode.

Flashback to when Oudo was a kid. He ran away from his parents in fear that they would abuse his power. He locked his own powers up until the day he masters it to do good things.

One day, Oudo tries his Weighted Words to make everyone bow before him and the rest is history.

Medaka’s hair turns black.

Oudo and Medaka fight once more.

Meanwhile, Maguro helps Kujira aid Koga while telling her to never desire unhappiness again.

Medaka gets the upper hand in her fight.

Maguro explains that Medaka’s Abnormality is copying and mastering other people’s Abnormalities, The End. She also now has full control of her War God mode, hence the black hair.

Medaka gives Oudo the chance to level the playing field by letting him take her Abnormality.

Oudo takes Medaka’s offer and Giga Drills pierces Medaka’s chest.

He finds himself in a void staring down at the monster inside Medaka.

Oudo declares defeat and begs for Medaka’s forgiveness.

The whole group takes the elevator up.

They find everyone in the Plus Six and Team Loser literally screwed.

Finally, Kumagawa shows himself and I guess we’re having a third season…NO! I want my Shikabane Hime season 3 first!


Probably the best Medaka Box episode to date. That’s not saying much. Medaka Box is a pretty bad anime. I’d go on and list all the reasons but I’ll just be repeating myself for the thousandth time. Go look for my other blog posts about Medaka Box and save me the trouble. This episode upped the action and for a while, it actually looked like Gurren Lagann. For a while. About five minutes. Other than that scene, nothing much has shown that Medaka Box was created by the same studio that brought Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. But it really did put everything in this episode. The fighting was actually pretty good and there was some awesome new music too. They once again played that violing track I love so much and it made me a little sympathetic for Oudo for a while. For most of his fight with Medaka, he was in the losing end. Well that can’t be helped if you’re up against the anime equivalent of John Cena but hey, John Cena has been losing a lot of big matches lately. Anyway, it’s hard to relate to Medaka because she is the ultimate Mary Sue. Her gimmick is that she’s perfect, and that really takes a hit in terms of character development. What’s the next step for Medaka Box then? What they do is that they, the writers by the way, focus on the other characters in relation to Medaka. Just like how this time around, we get a flashback of Oudo and the staredown between Medaka and Kumagawa was all about Kumagawa. Bottom line, Medaka Box = bad anime, this episode = great episode. Go home and celebrate Christmas already.

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