K 12 – Featuring Seri’s Butt

One of the most out-of-place things considering this is a show catered to women. I’m not complaining though.


Shiro calls himself Weismann now, while still clarifying that he is still Shiro.

He explains that the Colorless King attacked him on his ship and tried to steal his body.

Becuase of Weismann’s immortality, they ended up switching places.

Seri sees Munakata’s Sword of Damocles and rushes to check up on him.

She encounters Shiro and Neko along the way.

Shiro Poppins puts some pixie dust on Seri and now they’re on their way to Neverland! (Please get the references).

Meanwhile, Kuro crosses swords with both SCEPTER 4 and Homra.

Back in Kusanagi’s side of things. Anna suddenly pops up and opens a window.

In comes Shiro, Neko, Seri and Seri’s ass. Shiro has something important planned which involves everyone in the room.

Kusanagi gets a call from the Gold King instructing him to pass the phone to Shiro.

Meanwhile, Munakata and Mikoto are actually having a fight.

Somewhere above them, Kukuri is waiting for an opportunity to strike.

It turns out, the Gold King was the lieutenant Weisnmann befriended years ago. So he’s not the bad guy. >_>

Back in the classrooms, everyone is beginning to panic.

Shiro asks Neko to do him a huge favor which does not involve Neko’s tendency to go naked.

She makes several illusions of Shiro to instruct the students to evacuate through a safe route handled by Seri and Kusanagi.

Shiro puts Neko down while she looks incredibly detailed for some reason.

For some reason, Kukuri has some sort of personality disorder now.

She goes back to being her insane self and proclaims that the last episode draws near!


Wow, I am waaay late on this one! Blame the fact that I’m on holiday vacation with the family right now and I can’t find a good source of internet even if it was staring at me face-to-face! Anyway, enough about me. On to the show! This episode was handled a little better than the previous one. There actually was action this time around although very short. This episode did more on answering questions to clarify the plot. How did my predictions go? Well, I got the part about Weismann and the Colorless King switching bodies right though I was waaay off the mark speculating that the Gold King was the true antagonist. As it turns out that sneaky little fox demon is the Colorless King who killed Totsuka and started this whole thing. After that, he got up the Himmelreich somehow and took over Weismann’s body. He played as Weismann until Shiro ended up crashing on his blimp. He moved on to another body before he died and that’s how we got to where we are now. Still, there’s still a few questions (although  minor) that are left unanswered so far. Why did Fushimi leave Homra aside from being crazy? Who was that woman Weismann was dancing with aboard the Himmelreich? What’s the past with Seri and Kusanagi? So many questions and I fear I have to read a manga or something to get my answers. What a sneaky way to sell merchandise. Aside from all those questions, a new one just popped up in this episode? Why is Kukuri playing multiple personalities? Is it the Colorless King? Probably but why wasn’t this thing shown with the other people he possessed? Honestly, I have my doubts that the anime would be able to answer all of this without sacrificing its presentation and aesthetics. If they do, prepare for 24 minutes of talking heads and dull conversation.

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