Sword Art Online 24 – Taste the NTR

Oh God, I love Sugou so much now.


Kirito and Yui enter the top of the World Tree. Yui returns to her child form since they’re somewhat out of the game’s bounds.

Yui finds a way outside and they spot Asuna waiting in the cage.

A brief family reunion.

Suddenly Asuna and Kirito get sucked into the ground and Yui disappears.

Suddenly the Sugou the Patron Saint of NTR appears.

He brags about how he abducted 300 SAO players and NTR’d them all used them for his research on mind control.

Sugou then summons his chains of NTR.

And stabs Kirito with his own sword.

He begins to NTR Asuna by first ripping off her blouse.

Then he plays around with her as Kirito and only watch while fading into unconsciousness.

Kayaba(?) appears before Kirito to give him some pep talk.

Kirito finds the strength to stand and uses the Heathcliff ID to put himself on equal ground with Sugou.

Oh yeah, he drops the Pain Absorber for extra brutality.

Kirito mentions Kayaba and Sugou tries his best impression of the “Kirito Rage Face”.

Kirito summons Excalibur for Sugou so they can have the most epic duel in anime history.

Kirito slices off Sugou’s lower half and finishes by impaling him on the chest (or was it the head?).

Kirito releases Asuna and motorboats on her bare breast cries on her shoulder.

Asuna finally logs out while in the arms of Kirito.

Kayaba(?) appears before Kirito one more time.

He hands Kirito something called “The Seed”.

Kirito returns to Alfheim and tells Yui that he’ll visit Asuna soon and then they’ll come to see her.

Kirito logs out and takes a moment to thank Suguha.

He then takes his bike to see Asuna at the hospital despite the fact that visiting hours are probably over.


This episode was just funny. I mean, it tried to be serious, but Sugou was so over the top that this drama turned into a comedy. Seriously, I love Sugou now. He is just the boss when it comes to NTR and trolling not to mention his sissy expressions while NTRing Asuna and getting diced by Kirito. Ah yes, outside of Sugou…this was still a pretty bad episode. Visuals and sound wise, Sword Art Online has done better on many occasions. This is far from the worst looking episode of SAO but it still wasn’t impressive considering how late into the series this is. Usually, anime would make the last few episodes really good-looking. Episode 23 had some godly action scenes while this episode just had Sugou swinging his sword like a sissy. The music didn’t really play too well too. There was this random out-of-place guitar track while Yui and Kirito were navigating the top of the world tree. Stroy wise? Not really a plot hole but the writing sure did a terrible job of explaining this: Yui tells Kirito that they need to find the right console to get Asuna to log out. Asuna tells him about the console in the experiment room. Kirito defeats Sugou and suddenly, Asuna doesn’t need the console to log out anymore. At first, it seemed like a major plot hole but then, after a while, it hit me that Kirito was using Kayaba’s account so he had full admin powers. They really mentioned nothing about that in the episode so I’m sure a few viewers are confused. Compared to the SAO arc’s ending, this one is laughably inferior, emphasis on laughably. Mainly because of Sugou and his over-the-topness…and the NTR. On the other hand, this episode is something to watch if you want to see an example of acting that took every seriousness of the situation and flushed it down the toilet. Seriously, Sugou was so over-the-top, I didn’t care for Kirito and Asuna while he was doing his thing. I bet his voice actor had fun doing this episode.

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