Medaka Box Abnormal 10 – That’s Not Semen

And this is still not your mother’s anime blog.


I really should be watching Sword Art Online right now.

Really, I heard there’s NTR in episode 24.

Oh yeah, Medaka Box. Brainwashed Medaka tells the student council that they’re fired if they don’t plan to work for the 13 Party.

Medaka switches over to Oudo’s side and even offers to be married to him.

Naze thinks that the student council should be decimated morally after that rejection. Meanwhile, Koga has big boobs.

But NO! Zenkichi and the others stand their ground and tell Medaka that they’re going to save her even if it means fighting her.

Somehow Medaka uses Weighted Words to make the trio bow to her. Yes, this means another Kikaijima crotch shot. Blurry though.

Meanwhile, Maguro hides behind a pillar and tells Medaka that her memories will return to her soon enough.

He points out that if Medaka has truly rid of her former self, then she wouldn’t be crying like that.

Zenkichi breaks out of Medaka’s weighted words and kicks her in the face.

They proceed to have a cheap and boring fight containing nothing but kicks.

Medaka uses Naze’s syringes and Munakata’s hidden weapon technique on Zenkichi. Naze figures out that her Abnormality is to learn what she sees.

Second half, FLASHBACK! Medaka’s mom died after giving birth to her.

As an infant, Medaka read and studied every book in her home.

Her father’s friend once asked her to solve an equation. She managed to find the answer but this only caused her father’s friend to eventually lose his job.

Soon, Medaka began to wonder the meaning of her existence. One day, her family had her consult a doctor for Abnormals.

There, she meets Kumagawa, who tells her that life is meaningless, which she believed. Why.

She also meets Zenkichi for the first time in the hospital after solving a puzzle for him.

She ends up solving all the puzzles for him but sees no purpose.

Zenkichi tells her that she made him happy. Her purpose was to make people happy. Medaka’s been living to that credo ever since.

Zenkcihi asks why Medaka isn’t dodging. She answers that Zenkichi has no reason to attack so she has nor reason to dodge, seemingly returning to normal here.

But no, Medaka grabs Zenkichi by the neck.

She pins Zenkichi and asks if he remembers. All he knows is that he still thinks Medaka was born to make others happy.

Touched by his words, Medaka tries to brainwash herself back to normal.

It works and Medaka has returned to her senses.

She puts back her council president armband and challenges Oudo for the final battle!


Pretty “meh” episode. There was barely any action and what little action there was was just a bunch of kicking. I guess they’re holding back for the last episode but that’s what I said about the first season and the first season still bombed. Not much to say really. Biggest thing that happened was Medaka betraying the good guys only to return to them by the end of the episode. What was good about the episode was the music. Really did its part during Zenkichi’s heroic stand against Medaka (Rev) and during Medaka’s flashback about her childhood. The music wasn’t your typical Shounen action music (which might explain why I thought the action sucked) but it brought a different experience. Zenkichi was fighting Medaka shouting at her to come back to her senses. Meawhile,soft wailing violins as if mourning the fall of a hero played in the background. It made Zenkichi’s words more impactful, mor meangful. So yeah, despite the episode not doing much, and thus not doing much right, it did do its music right so I’m not gonna rant any further because really, I don’t think anyone likes a whiny b*tch blogger.

I don’t think anyone likes getting linked to the Facebook page either. Well, I’m off to watch Sword Art Online and complain about the bad NTR.

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