K 11 – Worst. Fight Scene. Ever.

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Someone apparently planted bombs the night before this episode’s events.

Mikoto decides to take a walk in the middle of the battle.

Outside, Blue and Homra have already clashed.

Munakata sees an explosion and runs toward it. F*ck gravity. I’m Munakata!

Munakata saves a Homra member from debris but the scumbag just stabs him while he’s vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Anna’s shaking in her seat out of fear.

She goes out to find Mikoto and almost gets sniped.

Random flying guy almost hits Kukuri.

But here comes Kuro to save the day!

Mikoto confronts the group.

Fushimi confronts Yata in battle.

Kuro orders Shiro and the others to escape while he holds off Mikoto.

Munakata enters the picture and Kuro manages to escape.

Shiro checks on Kukuri but she suddenly goes psycho and stabs him. Apparently, the directors saw it fit to include a panty shot in this scene…

Kuro takes down Kukrui and it turns out, she was possessed by a fox spirit.

The fox spirit begins to torture Shiro now.

Shiro manages to break free and summons a beam of light which distracts everybody from their fight.

The beam manifests into a Sword of Damocles.

Then, Shiro awakens as Weismann.


My feelings for this episode are mixed. On one hand, the action was terrible. A lot of still frames, zoomed-out angles, and whenever something cool might have happened, like Mikoto vs Munakata, the show just skips to something less animated. Budget problems much? The music was half-absent too. Music helps build atmosphere. Without it, scenes would have less impact. For some reason, despite the whole gang war going on, a lot of the episode was devoid of music. Now, you can’t blame budget for that. K already has a soundtrack it uses and not actually using that soundtrack is just lazy production and direction. Well, on the other hand, I did find the latter half of the episode pretty interesting. The guy at the beginning of the episode was a foreshadowing of things to come but still, I caught some parts of it but I didn’t see Kukuri stabbing Shiro coming. Reallu was a surprise and I was going to comment on how stupid of a plot twist that would have been but luckily, pretty much everything was conveniently explained. Then there was the part of Shiro awakening as Weismann. I was going to comment how Weismann’s been absent from the show recently then this happens. What did I think? Weeeeeell…It just got me even more confused. I kind of got the hint from the flashback of Weismann during the world war era. He had Shiro’s voice and a bit of his goofiness. So let me do some theorizing here. Weismann isolated himself on the Himmelreich after the war. I still believe that the masked corpse he’s dancing around with is his sister’s.This is now stretching things but I think that Shiro is the true Silver King. That wolf mask spirit thing is the work of the Gold King and he’s the true mastermind behind all this. The “Weismann” that we all thought was Weismann was actually just a pawn of the Gold King’s. That pawn got into the Himmelreich, kicked Shiro out of it and then started calling himself Weismann to replace Shiro. Since nobody has seen Weismann since the war, they wouldn’t have known any better. Still, wondering what’s the motive behind all this…

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