Medaka Box Abnormal 9 – I’m Totally Going to Compare Medaka Box to the WWE

And oh yeah. Kikaijima is Dragonborn.


Little flashback about Kikaijima getting approached by Medaka for the treasurer position. This was around the time Kikaijima started seeing Medaka as a normal girl.

Kikaijima uses her Thuum trained lungs to Fus Ro Dah Mizou.

She inhales some sleeping gas in effect and collapses so camera guy can get a shot of her crotch.

She bites off one of her fingernails to shock herself back into consciousness.

Mizou argues that Kikaijima can’t be Medaka’s friend since they aren’t on the same levels. Kikaijima pulls out more of her fingernails to show her resolve to fight for Medaka and to keep herself awake.

Mizou reveals that his Abnormality is the ability to read minds. Before joining the Flask Plan, Mizou was exposed to everyone’s thoughts.

Until one day, he meets Oudou whose train of thought was incredibly simple: He only thinks about himself.

Kikaijima discovers a weakness in Mizou’s Abnormality in that he also reads pain impulses received by the brain.

Kikaijima blasts the roof causing debris and shards of glass to fall on her. Mizou falls because of the pain while Kikaijima endures it.

Kikaijima approaches Mizou to express her sympathy for him carrying the burden of everyone’s thoughts. Among the Flask Plan members, he must have been the most gentle.

Mizou considers defecting when Oudou appears (in)conveniently.

He uses his Weighted Words to make Kikaijima bow to him, giving the camera man another opportunity at a crotch shot.

Oudou makes the rest of the ceiling come down on Kikaijima but Zenkichi makes the save.

Akune appears behind Oudou and puts him in a Sleeper hold.

Oudou makes Akune let go and gets Zenkichi to strangle Kikaijima before he even noticed it.

He gets Maguro to reveal that his power is miind control.

Zankichi argues that controlling people’s minds isn’t right.

Oudou argues that that is what Medaka has been doing all along, but through the process of reform.

Suddenly, a brainwashed Medaka appears behind Zenkichi.


I actually enjoyed this one. First of all, this episode was almost completely Kikaijima which is one of the few good things about Medaka Box. I love her voice and she’s one of those characters that come off as relatively sane compared to everyone else. The animation in this ep is noticeably more creative, especially with Kikaijima destroying the arcade room with her shouts and Mizou’s flashback about Oudou. I kind of found much of the dialogue a little iffy though. Kikajima’s little sermon about friendship was unimpactful while Zenkichi’s line about condemning Oudo’s methods just sounded plain bad. Seems like Medaka Box can’t do everything right at the same time >_> Anyway, let’s talk about the plot! We’re now at a point where Medaka has turned over to the dark side. Meanwhile, John Cena is still WWE’s babyface with no signs of turning heel. I’m gonna go into a little wrestling talk for a while because this totally makes sense in relation to Medaka Box’s current arc. Go use Wikipedia if you get lost in the discussion (What discussion? It’s just me rambling here.). As a lot of us know, WWE hasn’t always had the greatest writers working on its storylines. Well, neither has Medaka Box, but there’s more to that. This Flask Plan arc is somewhat mirroring the Nexus storyline back in WWE 2010! Think about it. Wade Barrett reveals himself and with his gang of young, hungry wrestlers collectively called the Nexus, he attacks WWE’s top stars to bring change to the company and put himself on top by winning the WWE championship. In Medaka Box, we have Oudou who fancies himself a king and together with the other members of the Flask Plan, challenge the student council, the most powerful student group in school while creating a formula that would change everyone. The themes of gang mentality, power and change through violent means are present in both stories. But wait! There’s more! During the Nexus angle, Wade Barrett manages to make John Cena, the WWE’s top superstar, his lackey. Oudou just brainwashed Medaka, the titular main character, into becoming his play thing. On a lesser note, the Nexus had Daniel Bryan join the good guys and eventually became one of WWE’s top stars. Munakata joins Team Loser to help Medaka and gets a surprisingly high rank at a popularity poll. Okay, I’m pushing the parallel’s too far now…My worst fear has come true. I actually involved wrestling in my anime blogging.

No, this is not a ploy to redirect you to the Facebook page, or is it?

One thought on “Medaka Box Abnormal 9 – I’m Totally Going to Compare Medaka Box to the WWE


    what you expect since is medaka is john cena of anime or better call her medaka cena!!!

    cause watching all of it so really is cena of anime maybe she long lost relative or is female cena?

    either way medaka cena is medaka cena nuff said.


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