K 10 – Manhandling Lolis

And other things you can do while waiting for the big action episode.


Homra takes over the high school.

Kusanagi informs everyone that they’re there to take Totsuka’s murderer and everyone will be safe if they all follow their orders.

And so the members of Homra go inspect every nook and cranny of the campus.

Kusanagi gets a call from Yata about the Blues surrounding the island and closing in.

Outside, Munakata tells Seri that chaos will soon be inevitable.

Meanwhile, Mikoto and Anna chill by the roof while it’s snowing (Get it? Chill? Snow? I’ll shut up now).

Kusanagi gets another call. Though who his caller was was never revealed.

Kusanagi visits Yata on the roof and they reminisce about the time when Fushimi was still their team-mate.

Short flashback to the scene where Fushimi burns his own Homra tattoo while making the ugliest sex face ever.

Kusanagi visits Mikoto now and they talk about Totsuka and how he appeared before Mikoto like a vassal to a king.

Mikoto leaves Kusanagi to confront Munakata.

Munakata tells Mikoto to pull back and leave the innocent out of their war.

Mikoto is stubborn, Munakata uses a gayer approach but Mikoto is unphased.

Meanwhile, Shiro and his group manage to reach is old room only to find it in a total mess.

Shiro tells Kuro to ask Master Ichigen about what to do next.

Kuro puts down his recorder and tells that he already knows what he has to do: Save Kukuri and the others.


Well, this was an episode. I guess. I really don’t know what to say. This is pretty much the go-home episode before something big. If I recall correctly, [K] only has 12-13 episodes? I really should check My Anime List more. Anyway, it was pretty relaxed for an episode of its kind. You’d think that with Homra making a hostile take over, the atmosphere would be a little more chaotic, but no, Kusanagi apparently has great crowd control skills. On Blue’s side, it was never really shown how they were getting ready so that also takes a point off of suspense build up. This was mostly a dialogue episode since it features interaction between a) Kusanagi and Yata b) Yata and Fushimi (in a flashback) c) Mikoto and Anna d) Kusanagi and Mikoto f) Munakata and Seri and g) Munakata and Mikoto. Heh, Kusanagi and Munakata sure went around just for a couple of conversations. What’s the point? This wasn’t the right episode for the occasion. It wasn’t a bad episode though. Sure, it was a lot of talking but it wasn’t boring. It was kept fresh because it wasn’t the same one person talking all the time. Sure, al lot of what was said just flew past my head, but at least I don’t feel disappointed in a way. I don’t feel satisfied but at least not disappointed. What should have this episode been like? It should have been more suspenseful. It should have been a build up to the final battle. That final battle was mentioned by Munakata, but was there anything done about it? No, nothing. The closest thing to anything being done about it was Munakata confronting Mikoto. Oh yeah, I do have to praise that scene. First of all, I do believe new music was used. That’s good because I feel like I’ve been hearing the same soundtracks from K over and over again and I’m being led to believe that the OST will have, what? Seven tracks on it? Yeah, new music, and it fit the scene too. The scene itself did a lot for Munakata and Mikoto’s characters. Not a lot was said. Hell, there wasn’t really any info about them that was outright told in that scene. What makes that scene catalyst for character development was how it depicted Mikoto and Munakata interacting with each other. It was a great scene that showed that Munakata wasn’t a villainous villain and that Mikoto wasn’t a heroic hero. There was no such thing as protagonism or antagonsim in that scene. It was just leader of team A talking to the leader of team B. If you analyze, wasn’t Homra playing the bad guys this time around? Breaking into a school and inspecting the students in a tough manner? It just shows that these two forces gotta do what they gotta do. I love that. Now what I don’t love is how Weismann was completely absent from this and we’ve only got 2-3 episodes left!

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