Sword Art Online 22.5 – Suguha Runs Away


Suguha ran out the door, no time to mind her appearance, overcome with emotion, tears and the rain blurring her vision. Where she would go, she never thought about it. She just had to get away, from her brother, from Kirito, from everything.

When she had calmed down, she realized that she had run all the way into the middle of the bustling city. Barefoot, only wearing her pajama top and panties, surrounded by people from every direction, some with their eyes drawn to her. Her white top made transparent by the pouring rain. She coyly covered her breasts by crossing her arms over them. Despite the cold droplets of water hitting her, she felt warm from her embarrassment.

“All these people staring at me…What am I doing in the middle of the city dressed like this?”

She kept in mind that she could not return to her home after what had happened between her and her brother. She had feelings for him, Kazuto. Though not directly related, Kazuto was actually his cousin, a relationship between them was still out of the question. Suguha thought she could get away from her frustrations by opening up to a boy she met at ALfheim Online, but alas! Irony of fate! That boy Kirito was actually her brother Kazuto. She lost control of herself. She pushed Kazuto down a flight of stairs when her brother had tried to console her after he had found out about Suguha’s feelings for him. He had been knocked unconscious because of that. How could she possibly return to him after what she had done?

“Ah, my body is feeling weird. Walking in public, dressed like this…What if someone…Brother! No…He won’t come…”

She walked past a group of high school students standing outside of a convenience store. She noticed the perverted looks some of them had for her. One of them whistled at her which caused the others to burst out into laughter. Suguha felt her body grow even hotter. She turned to a corner into the alley behind the store. She collapsed, she needed to cool down. Wet and near naked with no money or a phone. What can she do? The thought of her pitiful situation caused her to start crying. She sat back to the wall, cradled herself, her arms wrapped around her bare legs and her face buried in the space between. Then she heard footsteps. Multiple footsteps. A number of people were coming towards her. Her crying stopped. Her depression replaced by a sudden fear. She didn’t want to look, but she lifted her face to find the high school boys from earlier surrounding her.

One of them bent over towards her, his face a foot from hers. “What’s a cutie like you doing dressed like that?” His tone made his malicious intent obvious. Another spoke. “I’m sure you expected t-this. World’s p-pretty cruel, isn’t it?” He stuttered. He was shaking, excited to taste Suguha. All of them were. Before Suguha was a pack of hungry Hyenas ready to tear her apart. She was shaking as they were but not for the same reason. She started tearing up again. Only this time out of fear.

Then it started. One of the boys grabbed her by her shirt and forced it off her. Suguha could only react by screaming as one restrained her hands while the other her feet. Another one grabbed her face, his grip hurting her. He laughed maniacally and spat at her. He kicked her stomach and mounted on her. Suguha could only shut her eyes. Pain and fear consumed her completely. She heard the sound of zippers being undone and the rustles of trousers coming off and then suddenly…

“STOP!” a deep voice commanded. She felt her assailants releasing her and heard their hurried footsteps as they scattered. She looked to the direction of the voice that scared away her attackers. For a split second, an image of her brother’s kind face flashed in her mind. What she saw though, was the silhouette of a man in a suit. He approached her slowly and got down on one knee. She noticed his dapper attire, his hand, firm but gentle, lift hers. Then his face, slightly aged, but clean and handsome. He lifted his umbrella over her.

“Come with me. Let’s get to someplace dry and then I could get you some clothes.” He spoke gently with a warm smile to comfort her.

Suguha only nodded. The man helped her to her feet. “I have a car parked not too far from here.” He told her as they walked, his hand holding on to hers.

After a few minutes, Suguha mustered the strength to speak.

“Umm…Thank you sir. Can I know your name?”

There was a short pause before the man answered.

“Noboyuki Sugou.”

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