Sword Art Online 22 – Kirito Is So Handsome




Kirito shoots towards the top level of the World Tree but bumps into and invisible wall.


Asuna hears Yui’s voice calling for her.


Asuna drops a card but Yui informs that it can only be used on the appropriate console.


Kirito decides to take on the World Tree alone.


He leaves Leafa and enters the base of the tree.


He sees the path to the top and fights his way there.


Unfortunately, Kirito is overpowered and dies.


While waiting to respawn, Kirito contemplates on how he thought he could beat the game’s laws.


Leafa appears to save Kirito.


She manages to escape and revives Kirito.


Kirito tries to go back inside but Leafa stops him. He tells her that saving Asuna matters the most to him at that point.


Leafa is shocked upon hearing about Asuna. Leafa reveals that Kirito is actually her brother.


Sugu logs out and starts crying.


Kazuto knocks on her door but she only comes out to tell her how she had feelings for him but couldn’t do anything about it since they’re lawfully related so she moves on to Kirito but f*ck, this guy that looks, acts and sounds like her brother is actually her brother.



This was a pretty good episode. First if all, aside from the inevitable Leafa cleavage shots, there really wasn’t anything fanservice-y in this episode. This one reached heights in the drama department that Sword Art Online hasn’t reached in some time. I think the lack of music in that scene with Sugu confronting Kazuto was effective. It put more focus on Sugu’s words so that’s something the producers did right. It was a good scene. Especially considering how badly done this incest angle has been playing out so far. The last scene was exactly what it needed to save face. The action was there as well. Kirito flying up while slashing at his opponents was entertaining while it lasted. At times, it looked almost movie quality. One of the weak points to that scene though is that they used the same soundtrack that’s already been used throughout the series a hundred times already. It’s a good track but hearing it over and over again gets annoying. Don’t they have anything else in their playlist? Also, there was a lot of reused footage from the first half of the series. Definitely something to cover up the budget but that was way too obvious. Anyway, my most major complaint in this episode is how oblivious Suguha was. Kirito in-game doesn’t look too different from Kirito in real life. I can understand Kirito not recognizing Leafa as Sugu because they look different enough but come on, Sugu! I’m supposed to believe that while all this was going on, Sugu never once learned that Kazuto also used the name Kirito in SAO and Kirito never mentioned Asuna up until that point? I can understand that Kirito wasn’t supposed to be playing ALO in the first place but I really can’t understand why he never mentioned anything about Asuna or about his real life even. Geez, Suguha, if you liked Kirito so much, you think you would’ve asked about how he was in real life. Online game taboo? Not really, especially when you decide to fall in love with a guy you meet online. That’s just impossibly coincidental. It’s just one of those details in a story that makes me wanna facepalm. This episode had good direction with the action, as short of a scene as it was, and the dramatic confrontation between Kazuto and Suguha. On the other hand, take away the direction and just read the story for what it is, you get something really disappointing.

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