Medaka Box Abnormal 8 – That is NOT Ichigo Kurosaki

And this is NOT your momma’s anime blog.


As soon as the Kurokami sisters are reunited, Medaka slams Kujira’s face to the floor.

She forces Kujira to reveal the contents of the syringe. It’s a Normalizing formula.

Kujira will only hand over the antidote if Medaka injects herself with it. Medaka complies.

Koga steps up to fight Medaka but gets squashed by Medaka’s natural ability.

Kujira tosses her the antidote and Medaka injects herself with it.

It causes Medaka to lose her memories.

Koga gets up to fight Medaka again. Medaka feels compelled to defend Akune and Maguro.

Though, this time, Koga squashes her.

Kujira tells Maguro that she’s taking Medaka to Oudo at the 13th floor.

The Plus 6 (Hey look! BOOBIES!) offer to help Naze by stopping Zenkichi and the others.

Akune and Zenkichi get into an argument on whether they should retreat or try and save Medaka.

Just then, Unzen and the Loser Team show up to help the group.

Apparently they found out from Shiranui via Twitter.

Zenkichi tries to tell Unzen to leave or they might get hurt but Nabeshima suggests using the elevator, a plan so stupid, it just might work.

Meanwhile, Mizou prepares to face off with the group.

Unfortunately for the Loser Team, the Plus 6 (BOOBIES!) were anticipating their arrival.

Loser Team and Plus 6 get into a fight while Zenkichi and the others run for the 13th floor and I swear I screen capped Kikaijima’s pantsu by accident.

Yeah, Loser Team vs Plus 6 (BOOBIES!).

And Mizou greets the group as they enter his floor.

Sleeping gas spreads and knocks Zenkichi, Maguro and Akune unconscious. Kikaijima manages to avoid it by holding her breath, because, you know? She’s a swimmer?


Well, Medaka Box is getting better. Still far from great but it’s really improved recently. It’s starting to get interesting not because of the action (which is godawful) but because of the events and the build up for the inevitable boss battle with Oudo. What I have to praise about this episode is the writing. It kept me hooked because it wasn’t all explanatory dialogue and such. It had quite a number of jokes and I admit, I laughed. Also, I just got excited when the Loser Team appeared. It took me back to the days when I watched shows like Power Rangers and when the cool and heroic White Ranger (or whoever was the special Ranger at the time) appeared. As a kid, I couldn’t help getting excited and cheer for this awesome guy who just appeared to help my heroes. I felt that way with the Loser Team, so props to the writers for executing that scene well. What sorta didn’t make sense in this episode was that even the Plus 6, who have yet to reappear in the manga (as far as I’ve read) got those pause-frame introduction thingies. Really was unnecessary and this is an example of Medaka Box’s persistent problem. It feels the need to explain itself too much. Typical Shounen anime. Other shows don’t pause to introduce a one-time character like Medaka Box. See? This is Medaka Box being generic. Ah well, I knew this show isn’t going to be perfect. At least it’s improving slightly.

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