K 9 – Seri, Wear a Longer Skirt Please

Also, learn some new moves. You do that same pose every time.


Flashback! Wartime Germany and Weismann is a researcher presenting his research to his Japanese allies.

Apparently, Weismann has a sister.

Germany was bombed one night. Weismann’s sister died in the attack.


His sister’s death, among other things, convinced Weismann to leave Germany on board the Himmelreich. The airship Weismann has been living in until the present day.

Back to the present, the Blue reach the crash site of the Himmelreich only to find “Usagi” already on scene.


Meanwhile, Seri inspects the hijacked helicopter and learns that the original pilots were attacked.


Kukuri and the other students decide to use what was once Shiro’s room as a dressing room. They still haven’t totally forgotten about Shiro.


Munakata visits the Gold King (?) to discuss about Weismann.


Munakata wants to examine Weismann’s body since the so-called Immortal King just up and died.


Back in his prison cell, Mikoto gets a phone call.


The caller claims to be Totsuka’s murderer.


The caller tries to get inside Mikoto’s head but is stopped by a literal firewall.


Mikoto tracks the call and causes the area of the caller to explode. Luckily, Kukuri and the others had just left the building.


Mikoto decides to break out.


Seri already has a unit to stop Mikoto.


Mikoto lets out a huge burst of energy.


Everyone would have been wiped out had Fushimi not stepped in.


Seri decides to let Mikoto go.


Waiting for Mikoto are the other members of Homra.


On the way back to HQ, one of Anna’s marbles breaks and causes cuts on her hands.


Her blood forms a marble and in it, she gets a glimpse of Mikoto’s nightmare.



Well this was an okay episode. It sorta diverted from the main storyline for a while with a flashback on Weismann’s previous life, but that does shed some info that might be important in the future. Calling it right now: Weismann’s sister is that masked woman Weismann is always dancing with. That one Japanese lieutenant seemed important too. Maybe he’ll appear in the latter parts of the story? Anyway, this episode barely had to do anything with Shiro. It was mostly about a) Weismann and b) Mikoto, who I’m glad to see in action again. Kukuri and the other students were also featured in this ep. This probably means that they’ll still be involved in the story. It makes even more sense having them appear after that one line by…Kusanagi was it? That line about Totsuka’s murderer still being in the school. So I guess it’s back to school for K. If I may take a moment to zoom out a bit, it seems everything is coming into full circle. The Blue were after Shiro, and so were Homra. Now it seems that all three parties are going to have to collide soon. Especially with Mikoto out and about again. Still, I think K is handling quite a lot given the limited amount of time it has to work with. There’s still the matter of Fushimi’s allegiance and motives. The guy’s got a back story and it’d be a shame if the writers couldn’t shed light on it because they’ve run out of time. Bottom line, the story is picking up speed. This episode did a pretty good job of showing that. Hopefully this means that future episodes are only going to be more eventful.

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