A Detailed Look on the Beautifully Detailed Saber Lily Gift Ver.

And yeah. Already got my Christmas tree set up. It’s visible in some of these photos.

Probably on of the most recognizable characters in anime today, Saber from Fate/Stay Night has been replicated into figure form probably more than any other character. Saber Lily is an alternate version of Saber that made its debut in Fate/ Unlimited Codes (I think). This figure is a beautiful portrayal of Saber Lily with really eye-catching details.

I I was really impressed by the intricate design of Saber’s armor. It’s a big bonus that the armor parts are shiny as if they were made of real metal.

Even her gauntlets were well done.

Not just her armor, the cloth she wears is also beautiful. You don’t see this level of detail in a lot of anime figures.

Her boots are just as awesome as any other part of her.

And now her sword! Can’t be the knightly Saber without her sword!

Even the tiniest engravings on the blade are visible.

Saber Lily’s sword isn’t initially attached to her. It does fit perfectly between her palm and the base so nothing to complain about here.

Her pose sans sword looks natural enough.

Saber Lily’s iconic armpit.

Her face doesn’t look too natural from the side. Not like you’d want to pose her from the side though.

Saber Lily’s other iconic armpit.

Her face is gorgeous. Her un-anime appearance may throw some people off but she has such a Bishounen expression and I love the little smirk she has.

Saber Lily’s sexy back.

I seriously only found out about this in the middle of a photoshoot. At first, I thought the figure’s base was just plain and opaque. Turns out, I left a cover one and I had to peel it out to unveil this crystal clear mirror. A simple looking base for a detailed figure, but the mirror was a great idea and makes the whole figure even better.

Also, you could see her pantsu.

Size comparison between Saber Extra, Saber Lily and Melty. It’s funny and cute how Saber Lily is still more petit than a loli witch.

So final words: F*CKING. AWESOME. FIGURE. Despite being a pretty short one, Saber Lily is a beautiful figure with armor details that would send Final Fantasy XII’s Gabranth running home crying like a sissy. The pose is simple, but how her hair and clothes depict movement makes up for that. Initially, I didn’t like how the sword had no slot on the base or something like that to keep it still, but it seems to fit just fine and it doesn’t really get moved out-of-place easily. Her base is unnecessarily large and pretty simple too, but the mirror on it is just so cool and makes Saber Lily Gift Ver. come off even more as a high quality figure. In the end, I am amazed at how well done this figure is. If you like Saber, this is a must-buy. If you’re in search of high quality figures, this one should be on your list. Just be prepared to fork out the cash for her.


Dat Christmas Tree!


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