Medaka Box Abnormal 7 – Wrestling Sure Looks a Lot Like Sex

Then again, most contact sports do.


Maguro tells Naze and Koga then whenever he sees a girl, he steals 4 things: Her panties, her bra and…I forgot the other two 😛

Naze counters by saying that she’s not wearing a bra.

Maguro (or was it Naze?) put a wager on Akune and Koga’s fight. The one represented by the loser must strip!

Koga immediately leaps at Akune and locks him in a triangle hold. Akune, your hand…

Since, Akune was the first to fall, Maguro takes of his pants.

Akune takes advantage of Koga being distracted and dislocates her shoulder.

Koga just quickly gets up and pops her shoulder back into place.

So now Naze strips a piece of her clothing. Are you supposed to wear panties outside of stockings like that?

Maguro gives a hint to Akune about his destruction and non-destruction.

Akune thinks for a while about why Koga would still need to feel pain.

He comes to an answer and pins Koga down. Koga’s weakness is that she expends too much energy. Her pain receptors were kept intact to warn her when she’s running out of gas.

Maguro, instead asks Naze to remove her mask.

Naze reveals a face familiar to both Akune and Maguro.

Naze tells Akune to let Koga go in exchange of their Flask Plan data.

Maguro stops Naze from leaving and calls her by her real name, KUROKAMI KUJIRA!

Meanwhile, Medaka happens to explain that his brother had always given love good for two sisters to her.

Flashback! We all know about the Kurokami siblings Medaka and Maguro.

BUT! There was always a third sibling, the middle child Kujira.

Kujira’s Abnormality is self-control, which she used to disregard happiness in favor of knowledge.

One day she snaps and runs away from home, never returning since.

Kujira turns around to embrace her brother.

Nope. Just came close to stab him with a syringe.

Kujira walks away again but Akune demands to know the content of the syringe.

Suddenly, Medaka!

Medaka greets her long-lost sister with a smile.


Well this was a good episode. Not much fighting unless it was necessary which automatically means not much TALKING while fighting. So yeah, they averted one generic Shounen anime cliché. Still a lot to improve on though. So what was this episode mostly about? Naze. That’s a good thing for me. I like Naze. In this show full of twisted, absurd characters, Naze has a certain charm that strikes me. It’s her cool, apathetic attitude. Everyone in this show is just chock full of emotion that a near emotionless girl like Naze really stands out. Also, it’s good that Medaka came back on scene towards the end. Wouldn’t want the viewers to forget about the titular character, would we? She’s really been out of the spotlight and made room for the other characters. Aside from Naze, Akune’s been getting significant attention, especially in the previous episode. Actually, the best way to describe this part of the show is that it’s still about Medaka, but it’s not. Eh? What I mean to say is that just like how everything in Sword Art Online revolves around Kirito, everything in Medaka Box revolves around Medaka. The difference? Sword Art Online shoves Kirito down your throat like WWE and John Cena while Medaka Box tells about Medaka from the point-of-view of its different characters. What I love about Medaka Box is that it shells out its different characters. Sometimes, it’s pointless to throw a flashback for a one-time character like Shigusa, but if it’s for a prominent character like Naze, it’s something I really look into. So characterization, despite Medaka Box’s unrealistic characters, is one of Medaka Box’s strengths.

Oh look! A Facebook page! You like Facebook pages don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Medaka Box Abnormal 7 – Wrestling Sure Looks a Lot Like Sex

  1. ScrapperWario

    Enjoy it while you can kid, because in the next infinity story arcs Medaka overcomes her opponents with HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT and RISING ABOVE THE HATE.


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